Is it me or is Brown sucking up to the Lib Dems in PMQs?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Quagmire19, Feb 3, 2010.

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    He commends Nick Clegg on 'consistency in policy, unlike the opposition...'
    He backs the Alternative Vote like its been Labour party policy for the 12 miserable years in power...
    Cameron tears him apart when Brown accuses Cameron of wanting to keep hereditary peers in the Lords... 'Theres only one hereditary member in this house!' ...CLASSIC :eek:

    What more crap is going to come out of Brown in the next few weeks?!
    And suddenly Labour is the Armed Forces best mate?! bugger off...
  2. Bugger, missed PMQ's today. Cyclops sucking up to Clegg, nothing to be surprised at there. He's so desperate to cling to power that he and the rest of Liebour will sell their collective souls to the devil.
    Talking of the devil, has anyone else noticed that Lucifer and Mandy are never seen at the sametime.
    Only another 6 weeks to go before they have to call a GE, unless there's a national emergency and we need marshall law to be enforced, think I'm joking, don't put it past them.
  3. Well someone has to be at the bank borrowing hundreds of millions of pounds every day? ...that might explain it?

    A GE in May/June and we're already hearing the unimaginable lies and ridiculous promises and gestures in Jan/Feb ...its only going to get better!!!

    What I don't understand is this big fear of a hung parliament...Liebour are bloody good at fiddling the system arent they? Pouring money into their safe seats to secure at least enough MP's to be a pain in the arse with a second election, if not a majority in the next government...
  4. New election message:

    "Vote Clegg ... get Brown"
  5. Well that was a nice combative PMQs session, not sure Cyclops was being overly chummy with Nick, more saying they were consistent in their views unlike the Tories!

    As to all of a sudden being HMF best mate, yes that was very obvious and I agree it makes you sick, noted the Glasgow MP doing his bit on aircraft carriers.
  6. I agree, woudn't trust the Cleggies as far as I could see them, if the result was a hung Parliament then it would fit with Labours plan and confine the Tories to the scorched waste that Labour have made of the UK.
  7. Heard PMQs today and got fed up with every answer Broon gave being turned into a slagging of the opposition and there policies................fcuking grow up you spineless one eyed cnut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Bit sad that they can't inject some real honesty in to the whole process
  9. Totally beyond them :roll:
  10. Just how do the morally bankrupt do that?
  11. Who is this Clegg? Is he someone important? Clearly not!
  12. But if there's a hung Parliament, he could be. That's why Brown is making nice with the Limp Dims.
  13. Scary little friendship, for GB it's the lesser of two evils a partnership with the toffee nosed Tories or with the limp dems, so no contest really!
  14. Coalition Government...think about it, regardless of whether its Tory/Lib Dem or Labour/Lib Dem, they'd get even less done than normal...and everything will have a tree hunging, rent boy buying tinge to it...
  15. might i sugest to inject some honesty they use a 9mm, might be useful to give that one a try :)