Is it me or does time served make you harder

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by taric, May 26, 2006.

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  1. Have you ever noticed when some one has rank it gives them the god given right to throw threats about like they're some sort of hard git????
  2. Been told off again have you taric?
  3. Nah i was on a tab me and my mate gez are the markers now gez is a 6ft 5 massive senior support company tom and i'm a crowish tom only done three years but i'm a former kansen ryu member quite hard but not blowing my own trumpet and this lance jack who's what 10 st wet through not too handy (rumour has it) and he says to me and gez "come on or i'll drop ya" I mean he expects to be safe out on the piss aswell????
  4. Personally when I was a SNCO in the forces I never used my rank to throw a track at some poor unfortunate individual. I can honestly say that I used rank authority for bollockings only a handful of times during my 12 years service.

    Good WO's & SNCO's use man management skills and their authority of knowledge and service rather than cold hard rank.

    Empty threats have no basis in the management of personnel. They dilute your authority and generally make you look stupid at the end of the day.

    Taric, it sounds as though a WO/SNCO has been on your case today. Don't tar all of them with the same brush.

  5. Oh no not at all tht has to be the ideal answer to the question i mean in my battalion there are some great bods rank regardless !!!!!
  6. I have to say that Lance Jacks tend to use rank a lot faster than a WO/SNCO would. Maybe it's the lack of experience and management skills.

    However the threat of violence from him proves his total prattish attitude in dealing with men.

    He will learn, puberty is a hard time.

  7. I knew a WO who would make threats like that. They most certainly could have fulfilled their threats and we have no doubts in our mind that he would. Amazing what fear induced adrenaline can do. Agree with Fastmedics overall assessment though.
  8. the amount of times I've seen this happen and the perpetrator has been dropped by the person on the receiving end. I applaud your soldierly restraint.
  9. Perhaps the said JNCO was seeking a crutch for a personal weakness; by focusing on you he could disasociate himself from his own inadequacy?. People who need to use threats of violence, generally tend to be unsure of themselves and their abilities and are hoping to resolve an issue by intimidation .

    Edited to add: If he was your Lance Jack.......poor man management skills...............if your a hong kong fuey i would want to know!!!
  10. I was on a military base a couple of weeks back and I asked a soldier for the name of the Major so that I could write in and thank him for a great couple of days. The soldier replied " Thats our Jack" so asked if he could tell me his surname, and the soldier looked a little puzzled then replied " I don't know we have never called him any thing but Jack"
  11. Remember ex Grand Prix in Kenya a few years ago when an attached member of the Regiment displayed towards his juniors the man-management skills of a certifiable sociopathic young Corps Sergeant to a group of older and more experienced soldiers who were travelling on R & R on the Nairobi-Mombassa Train.

    Appeal to non-existent reason with this in individual having failed, the soldiers picked up and bodily ejected him out of the door of the moving train during the mid-jouney where he landed at some speed in the middle of the deserted African Bush.

    He arrived bruised and battered the next day at Mombassa tented camp where, it appears his leadership and man-management skills became much more highly developed and much improved than had hitherto been the case!
  12. are all wimps!