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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by MrPositive, Dec 29, 2008.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    To cut a long story short I've just got over the worst cold or flu I've ever had, but as a result of this I've not done too much in the way of fitness for the past 2 weeks.

    I have selection on the 15th Jan and I'm wondering if it's likely I'm going to get myself to the required fitness level by the 15th?

    I went for a run last night and I did 1.7mile in a pathetic 12:50....does anyone have any tips or advice for me to get my run time down as much as possible by the 15th????

    Cheers all,

  2. Depends what you're going for. If its one of the corps and everthing else is good then you probably still stand a chance. If its infantry or god forbid Para then you have issues. That said the first run after being sick is likely to slower, keep up the running for the next couple of weeks but have a day or two off before you go so you're not totally knackered when you arrive.

    Best of luck,

    PS if you do pass, make sure you get properly fit before you go to training or you'll find it much more emotional. even 10.30 (the official minimum for trained soldiers does not neccessarily equal fit)
  3. Cheers MrNurse,

    however would you recommend longer runs, like 2 miles plus, or concentrating on the 1.5 mile route given my time scale?
  4. Well I'm not a PTI, so take my advice or leave it, someone qualified may come along and help you out. I cant remember exactly but you will have to jog/walk the route before you run it so it wouldn't hurt to have done a slightly longer run before you go just so you know how it feels. The psychological effect can make a big difference in any activity, if you know how it feels before hand it'll be easier. You'll find that the competition and your motivation to pass will push you harder on the day than you normally run anyway. Two weeks isn't a lot of time to change physically, just adjust yourself to the psychological feeling of running hard by doing it a few times before you go.
  5. Cheers MrNurse.

    Are there any PTIs out there that can also offer any advice??
  6. Not a PTI but isn't beasting yourself after a heavy virus one of the "recommended" ways of giving yourself ME?

    [I've always been a bit sceptical about ME, but I've seen a few people recently who don't seem like malingerers, and they have been severely dropped by it].
  7. Good point, I was working on the assumption that you were fully well, if you're not then definately wait. (not sure about the ME bit, but it'll probably mean you'll extend the illness)
  8. In the same boat as yourself; selection for infantry on 15th of January & currently in the grips of flu, I'll be lucky if I have 2 full weeks left to resume training once fully recovered. Not had flu since I was an inactive kid so no idea what downtime is like physically. Was running my 1'5mile in 10min & running 5 milers in a decent time but sorely tempted just to call the ACIO to postpone ADSC.

    The way I was thinking though was once fully recovered just focus on doing 2-3 milers leading up to ADSC to maintain my time and then use the subsequent ~6 weeks to ITC to get my fitness back up to scratch.
  9. I'm assuming Glencorse with you being from Glasgow???
  10. Indeed.
  11. Unless you postpone, I'll see you there