Is it just me?


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You're just hoping to cash in on the Wonga explosion. Some people have no ethics.
Media Masterclass:

There are 2 ways to cover a conflict, whether it's current, historical, or of the 'will it kick off again' variety.

OPTION ONE is to spend huge amounts of money covering the 'story' properly. Big Pants Bowen did a grand job recently in Homs.

OPTION TWO is to spend very small amounts of money getting a researcher to find, for example:

1. Argie and Sharkey
2. Old German MG42 wallah and old Septic from Omaha Beach
3. Birkenau survivor and Swiss banker who paid for the camp

Then you send a crew preferably including a Celeb out to film the 'reunion' and then flog the prog on to the world's cable channels.

It's called a "Cheapy Weepy" in the trade.

OPTION TWO generally wins.

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