Is it just me or


Has anyone else noticed the difference in the response from the Police and the Press in the reaction to the murder of the WPC in Bradford and that of the Asian lad who tried to stop armed robbers escaping last year! Now Lord Steven aside, I am all for proportionate response but how often is the victim of serious crime given the one or 2 interview treatment and left with nothing?
Why should those whose jobs are to protect us be given protection on both sides of the coin, Execution for killing a copper and yet if a copper kills how often does it come to court and how often does an investigation from another force give the no charges to answer result?
I ABHOR MURDER SO DONT TRY TO SLAG ME OFF! Please do not think I am a cop killer or a cop hater! They like the army are really just tools of political masters, in their case the Home Office!
No one wants to see killers escape justice, unless of course the are Tony's favourite "freedom fighters!" In which case they get parliamentary allowances for not attending!
I would like to see a proportionate response to all crimes, ones committed against me especially, seeing all the effort quite rightly expended in nailing these scumbags makes me want to see the same effortexpended on crimes against the public and not just their servants.
I hope the CPS dont cock this one up!

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