Is it just me or do Right Wingers whinge alot?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jimbojetset, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. Yes

  2. Bloody hell of course they do, nothing better to do than have a good moan?

  3. Moan? Moan? If it wasn't for Tony Bliar, I'd be Rich

  4. Of course we don't moan! Its the fault of the Gaurdian and Political Correctness that the world

  5. No you liberal dogooder

  1. As someone who has amusingly been accused of being a liberal lefty on this forum (which just goes to show how right wing some people are!). I am increasingly amused how the hard core, right wing, immigrants out, Bliars a cnut people complain about how everything is everyone else's fault. Now, the way I was brought up (by a right winger of the old school) was that if you don't like it, change it, or shut the fcuk up and stop your moaning. Can't get a council house? Tough shit, work harder and buy/rent one (unless you really are unable to work), job doesn't pay enough? get some fcuking qualifications and get a better job, don't like where you live? Move! Pay too much tax? Be grateful you have a job which pays enough so you can pay tax or employ a better accountant!
  2. You are correct. We do whinge a lot. After 10 years of Liabour we have a lot to whinge about...
  3. I don't think you have to be right wing to moan about immigrants. Most people don't mind immigrants coming into the country, but the fact that there are a million 'legitimate' immigrants in 10 years shows how screwed up the system is. Plus the fact that a good few want to kill us is another matter (or do you have to be left wing to not be bothered by that?) People are too scared to say what they want anymore for fear of 'racism' or 'un-pc' bollox.

    This 'left wing'government has screwed the country, the gap between poor and rich is as wide as ever, the rich don't pay enough income tax and people are getting community service for running down a family in a car whilst pissed, etc. I am not a right wing whinger, I am a centre ground whinging b'stard.
  4. I called you a lefty yes. You are. I dont' think it is everyone elses fault, just some of them....How am I supposed to change it? Dont say get elected, I am serving. The above does not happen because lefties like you wont let it....Say it and support it..........How are you doing your bit?
  5. My bit?
    Well lets see.
    Wasn't qualified to do the job I wanted, so saved up and got qualified. Didn't like where I lived so I moved (although HM Government nowadays choose my destination). Didn't like my job became self employed and after 10 years of graft have a solid company which employs people. Also developed it so I can move around the country. Don't live in a council house as I earn enough to buy one. Yep, just your typical left wing tree hugger.
  6. So, enlighten me again how you are making Britain Great again? Which policy are you going agaianst and what are you doing about it?
  7. Where the fk were you the 18 yrs prior to that?
  8. Employing people, grafting, getting off my arse and not whining when it goes against me and trust me setting up and running your own company has lots of pitfalls. Supporting my wife (not in a financial way) to be able to do her job in the army and did I mention not whining?
    Look the problem I have is not with the right wing, or the left wing or the bit in the middle. The problem I have is people who blame everyone else for their own problems. We all have choices, some people choose to see everyone against them and some just crack on and if it goes wrong, it goes wrong. This forum would be the first place to have a pop at no win no fee ambulance chasers and the culture of blame they encourage (and quite rightly) so whats the difference?
  9. No, right wingers don't whinge, whingers whinge and they come in all shades of opinion.

    Having said that, there's more than a few on this site who like nothing more than slapping a 'PC tree-hugger' label on anything they don't like and having a good bleat about how all the world's agin 'em. Odd, when you consider the advice of the arch-Thatcherite Tebbit about bicycles.
  10. exactly
  11. Saw a bloke on the news today complaining because his house was flooded and what were the government going to do about it.

    My first thought - I bet he posts on ARRSE!

    My second thought - Move to the top of a hill you dozy fcuker
  12. So, you are perfectly happy with the way everything is turning out?
  13. moaning is easier and more fun!
  14. We all have the right to whinge, bitch and complain. It is just that some people make a fecking living out of it. These people are now know as Conservatives. I love you all.


  15. Mostly. Some things are shite, but thats the way of the world. Could do without the Planta fasciitis in my right foot, but then I don't blame the government for that. Do I love everything the Government do? Nope, in fact thats why I didn't vote for them, but, they got elected nationally so here we are. What I refuse to do is blame others for something that I could do something about myself. I suspect the majority of people on this site are the same, indeed I suspect you are that way yourself. At the end of the day some people will always find someone else to blame for their own failings. If your life is shite, change it just don't blame me or the Government for it (not directed at you Ex_reme but as a general statement)