Is it just me, but...

Tennis is SO boring!! I swear, the only thing that makes it worthwhile are the women. And beyond the 'go compare' adverts or any Labour supporter, there is not more annoying sound in the world than the fucking grunting each time they hit a shot.

The girls always do grunt , I don't it get why its not like hitting a tennis ball is like a hard I think its all dramatics they should ditch the ghastly women and replace with page 3 girls who can't catch of even hit the ball but hey means they have just got to bend over more for the ball
Did you type that with your elbows? Or are you retarded?
dingerr said:
Did you type that with your elbows? Or are you retarded?
haha, sorry i was on my BlackBerry in the staff room , on computer now tho i'll edit it back to english
All the worlds a critic!
Grunting get's you stabbed - just ask Seles....
I find many sports boring..

Allow me to ring them off for you...

Snooker << Which I don't think is classed as a sport


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I thought Emil Heskey was brilliant after a terrible world cup, he comes back dons a frock and wins the womens singles.

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