Is it immoral to be a rent boy?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dashing_Chap, Nov 7, 2010.

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  1. Hello chaps,

    I know full well that I’m going to get a beasting for this, but I don’t care cos it’s so damn unusual and weird I just can’t get my head round it.

    I met some tart about a year ago when I first moved to London, I didn’t really take much notice of her because I wasn’t attracted to older women but she seemed quite taken with me. I used her as cheap entertainment when bored by asking her how far she could stuff her first up her snapper and whether she liked it up the bum. Apart from grossing her out she seemed even more determined to have me, strange creatures these businesswomen.

    Now it just so happens that I lost my job about a week ago, through no fault of my own, times at the DC residence have become very austere and now I’m obliged to seek work anywhere. I mentioned this briefly to the aforesaid tart and she has since offered an extraordinary proposition- that I should go on a fully paid trip to Paris with her in the guise of a ‘Business Development Manager’ and also receive an underhand payment of 500 quid for what I can only assume would be sexual favours.

    Should I accept or would that make me a bitch? Standing by for the inevitable backlash of 'you lying cnut etc'.

    Lots of love.

  2. Apparently it was 'de rigeur' in 3 PARA Mortar Platoon, so fill your boots!!!

    If you haven't got the bottle, give the slut my details!
  3. This raises one important issue.

    Why the fuck aren't you in Paris?

    BTW, this hyperlinking of placenames is arrse, and to the uninitiated makes the poster look like he's a cheap whore for a travel company.
  4. Is she fit? A key point that you failed to address in the original paragraph! I met a bird once who was a bit chubby (like a size 16-18) but an absolutely gorgeous blonde bombshell, and was the only woman i've met who could fit all of my knob down her throat. When I was down on my luck (many years ago) she offered to look after me for a few weeks, started in a nice posh hotel in london and went onwards from there.

    Wasn't a bad decision at all, about two months of being pampered and she took it in all orifices repeatedly. Even wanted me to get dirtier and seduce a younger woman to join us etc.

    Broke it off eventually but a very fun time was had by all, no harm done. Go for it if she's good looking. Avoid if she smells funny.
  5. does the term rent boy not only apply to being paid for gay sex? should you not have said gigolo?

    as long as shes not a total pyscho/bunny boiler then i think you'd be crazy not to take her offer up!
  6. Hopefully she IS a psycho bunny-boiler/black widow and he'll be fished out of the Seinne with his knob in his mouth and an empty bottle of Chateau Neuf du Pape up his poop-chute!! Just cos it'd be amusing,like!!
  7. 'Make hay while the sun shines'.

    'Never look a gift-horse in the mouth'.

    'One in the hand is worth two in the clunge' etc etc etc.

    Need I drivel on.

    Get it fucking smashed mate and take the coin. 100% effort at all times though so as to guarantee a repeat pay packet.

    (You may want to ply your rent boy trade around the dingy alleys of Colchester).

    Lucky twat.
  8. Well she's not bad tbh, about 38 and slim, slightly taller than me. If I do accept there's the slight problem of blagging it to the girlfriend (I confess I forgot to mention her). She was already asking too many questions about 'my interview'. Why can they always smell when something's up?

  9. You think? Asking your boss if she likes it up the bum will generally get you fired. Was this your first job?

    As regards Paris, you do realise she's already got you booked solid with a string of bearded, garlic smelling, Gauloises smoking paedophiles don't you? That schoolboy outfit she asked you to pack wasn't for her benefit you know and she's only keeping your passport safe so she can sell you on to some African contacts when your anus is too distended for the micro penised French.
  10. You fussy bastard!

    I was once paid for my services. I was paid by my mates to take one for the team* - no she wasn't a minger - just a bit special. God squad, UFO spotting, Alien abductee type lunatic.

    * They had a whip-round, can't remember if it was 43p or 47p they had to fork out in the end. :)
  11. 500 quid is far too low for even an over nighter. I never, I mean a friend of mine would never charge less than 800 pounds for an over night stay in a hotel. So if it's a weekend she best be buying lots of expensive presents.
  12. I see you are familiar with Marseille, she wasn't my boss btw, just a randomer in a club. It was only later that I discovered she was slightly batty + minted. She's foreign/Eastern Europe so I do have a paranoid nagging that it could all be an elaborate plot by the Russian Mafia.

  13. Ditch the GF and become a whore, its what you want anyway mate. I would given half the chance.
  14. If she is East European you might wake up without your kidneys good luck