Is it illegal to flog spare Compo?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Ispeakcrabandpongo, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. I have 'acquired' some in date sealed boxes of compo. I don't want it, but I am told that Army Surplus Stores sell 24hr rat packs for about £50. Is this true? If so, can I flog it to the said shop or will the Old Bill (redcap type) come knocking on my door? Any help gratefully received.
  2. Why dont you offer it to your local Sea/Army/Air Cadets at a fair price.

    Or even as a donation.

    Unless you plan to donate the proceeds of selling it to the Army Surplus to H4H etc.
  3. Suppose it depends how you "acquired" it - care to elaborate ?
  4. Give it to the local cadets ya tight git!
  5. Not a bad idea. I am, shall we say, out of the UK at present so the CCF Cadets bit might be a bit difficult. Mind you finding an ASStore falls into the same category. Any idea what a fair price is? Donating it to H4H is an even better idea.
  6. erm,

    Frankly, "Acquired" = "Stolen"!

    The only person allowed to sell mil stores is the Civ Sec, or his authorised rep...

    The risk is yours... £50.00 or no pension....!
  7. Dear Walter & Devlish.

    pse see last bit of thread. happy to donate it, would prefer to flog so I acn then give to H4H. I acquired it legally (excess to requirements, was going in the skip) I have 3 x 10 man cases so we are not talking 1 x 24hr rat pack with the choccy missing
  8. I don't think H4H will be in need of an ISO containers worth of compo.

    By 'in date' what do you mean?

    The stuff lasts forever.
  9. I meant it was recently acquired and had not been sitting in the QMs since VE Day. If we can get off the legality and how old it is it bit, what would be a fair price, I dont want to price myself out of the market, but I would like, as suggested, to donate the dosh to H4H. Its just sitting in my cellar at present. Could do it up as Crimbo presents for veterans I suppose!
  10. Sorry - regardless of whether it came out the skip, (which BTW is not the correct disposal method) the rations are not yours to sell, regardless of the good causes...

    If the filth catch you, you WILL be hung out...
  11. Unused rations are meant to be returned to stores for re-issue. I know of a SSgt in SCOTS DG Court Martialed and discharged for having Compo in his MSQ in Sennelager.

    Feelin lucky?
  12. Unless the rules have changed in the last 12 years, no you can't flog it.

    Even the stuff that was binned from the Q's was not able to be "retieved" legally from the skips and the theoretical punishment was the same as if you had actually nicked it from the stores. There was some proper legal disposal procedure run by the QM but I have no idea what it was.

    Stupid I know but there you go. I doubt H4H would want you CM'd whilst trying to do a decent thing.
  13. I like a risk. Ok thank you for the legal advice one and all. I came on to get some ideas and I have some. Cadets is out, too difficult. I shall see if there is any on e bay and what the going rate is. I will then on my next run to UK try to flog it off. I WILL let you know how much I get for it and donate same to H4H. Cheers
  14. Good luck.

    on a side note, how long is compo supposed to last?

    I've heard 15 years being banded about.
  15. msr

    msr LE

    I am sure they will delighted to receive the proceeds of crime.