Is it "How we care or is it Do we care"?

We should place the elderly in prisons.>>>>
They will get a shower a day,
video surveillance in case of problems,
three meals a day,
access to a library, computer, TV, gym,
doctors on-site, free medication if needed.

Put criminals in nursing homes.
They have cold meals,
lights off at 7pm,
two showers a week,
live in a smaller room and pay rent at £4,000 a month!!!

It's pretty sad that we treat prisoners better than the elderly.

Which is why my retirement plan consists of killing some scumbags, then allowing myself to be locked up at His Majesty's Pleasure for my twilight years.
Awww whats wrong then ? been chucked out of your nice warm cell have you.
Yes thanks twat. I've got a "Not Insane" stamp on my forehead and everything.......... Nice to see all the usual "protest against anything shite" which you can find on any good social networking site.

P.S. - Pass this message on to ten of your "social network" friends, otherwise your dreams won't come true.

Fascinating facts by the way, are they meant to be thought provoking to those who haven't been near the internet or a red-top during the past eleventeen years?
He's got a point though
"He" hasn't though really, has he? He's just copying and pasting bollocks, without commentary. Rather like KGB resident used to.

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