Is it healthy?

Entire top corridor:
All female, is it healthy?
Surley there should be at least one male in the hierarchy!
Im not woman bashing, (I pay enough for that once a month at Londons 'Torture Garden') but just wondered what other ARRSE members think.
a very touchy subject fill but i will fireaway nevertheless. i think its very unhealthy, due to socio-economic reasons women feel they are living in a male dominated world thereofore to put them at the top would only turn the average female into a raving militant feminist which makes them very biased in their decisions. decision making is mainly a male domain therefore women at the top will only result in irrational impulsive hormonal decisions which lowers the status of a profession. A good example is the nursing profession because its dominated by women it has lost its status, the medical profession is going down as well as the females dominate the profession. its the sad truth. as blokes we are driven by testestrone therefore we are competitive, aggressive and driven by achievement. however on the other end women are driven by oestrogen which makes them naturally submissive and timid but with the advent of equal rights and all this womens rights bollocks women are getting too big for their boots and thinking they are equal to men no wonder why the divorce and pregnancy rate is so high because of this false perception of new found freedom. if u look at cultures in africa, asia and middle east where the people still embrace traditional values they is harmony between the sexes and you never hear of divorce or single parents and yet we want to impose our so called western beliefs on these people. because eve disobeyed god by eating the forbidden fruit the punishment for that is women shall forever be dominated by men. woman was created from the rib of adam therefore women where modelled from the male figure so in actual fact you can say women are like men gone wrong.

so to answer your YES! its healthy for women to take charge i personally like being dominated
As long as they are doing a good job, then onwards and forever upwards.

if it was going to ratshit, who would you blame :?

Personally worked for a few females in my time, some good and some not so good. Doesn't bother me in the long as they are good looking :wink:
dui-lai said:
Personally worked for a few females in my time, some good and some not so good
yeah but few is different to all!!!
somebody was very shocked once because I said I prefer a male boss - generally they let you get away with more than a woman would :lol:
but isnt having the entire top corridor consisting of women a tad over the top? PC gone mad!!
where are these lookers?
Its the antithesis of all things Military in my book. Wonder how many of them are in date BPFA wise ? Seems to be some unwritten rule that the further up the lardy arsed chain you go. The more you have to berate your juniors into doing PT and the less you have to actually lead by example.

Bad Idea all round. PC or no it can only be a bad thing.

Women bashing ? nope, If your up to the job then alls fair, its the bit where actually your not up to the job but you get it anyway where it all falls down.

All I have to go on is experience, I have no doubt there are some damn good girls out there but they tend to be hidden behind (literaly and physically :wink: ) the less capable.

This post may not reflect the Views of the MOD (but then again who feckin does ?)
WHAT ??? !!!!!
galgenberg said:
tampontony said:
And The First Pregnant RSM !!!!
And just how did He manage that? :lol:
modern technology, marvelous world we live in!
YEP !! R.I.P. :(

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