Is it guna be as hard as i think it is??

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by bumble21, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I just really want some Reassurance, from any wives girlfriends. or anyone really...

    My boyfriend has joined the army and im panicing, i know i shouldnt, i should be supporting him but im so worried.

    Wev'e been together nearly two years now, and never really spent any time apart. Im feeling really guilty because i know how excited he is about going, and i know the only thing that is stopping him is me.

    Does anybody know how much leave or basically how much il get to see him when he goes to sandhurst. Im so proud of him and would never try to stop him goin. Just want to try and stop being selfish and understand the whole hing more.

    Thanks guys xx
  2. The answer is yes and no. Based on my now out of date experiences, you'll either get too little time with him, or then suddenly so much that you want to get rid of him. The way the cycle goes there's either a desert of leave, or a glut. And yes, it will be hard either way, but love is a test...
  3. Thank you, you sound like you know it all well, are you married to an officer?
  4. Thanks, I know, my spelling is awful!!

  5. Married to one? Hell no. I was one, and am no longer married, but that was nothing to do with the Army. Relationships outside the Forces aren't any easier, they just have different pressures.

    And Phantom? Very sharp :-D This site is refreshingly intollerent of spelling, grammar and syntax.
  6. You don't think I'm going to give out free advice and be all nice and fluffy at the same time do you? :D
  7. I never thought of it like dat, thankyou

  8. i would count on not seeing him in the first 5 weeks.. then there's Ex Long Reach... do they still do that? or is it a bit far nowadays? so yea... maybe for a night in the 8th week or so... 2 months without a bit of slap and tickle aint to bad...

    just think, very soon you'll be able to do a bit of role play, delivering some pizza whilst he's on on the gate doing guard duty... make sure its Main Entrance side.. you know, the one with an outside toilet... ;)
  9. Don't expect to understand the Army, it's not possible. As soon as you learn one set of rules and anachronisms the little buggers change them all again. There's not that much leave kicking around when he gets to Sandhurst and what he will get he'll probably spend asleep.

    If you've never spent any time apart then you're in for a bit of a holiday. Enjoy it, because when he gets back he'll smell funny and expect you to enjoy camping.
  10. For the love of Christ, and i don't even know you, but surely you must be aware that the word 'that' doesn't, and never will, start with a D!

    That's not being rubbish at spelling, that's just being lazy and chronically thick.

    Now, I don't want to sound rude but I very much doubt that if you speak like you type, you're not really Officer wife type material.

    "Colonel, this is Mrs 2nd Lt McDonalds"

    response - "awright Bruv!"

    It's going to be very hard work but good luck to you and your lucky man.
  11. What's the officer type like, then?
  12. Phantom and fluffy in the same sentance - that's a first and a last at the same time.

    Yeah - I was kind of thinking about the time after the Factory (q.v.). While he's there be aware that he is leaving behind another life. That's not a bad thing, but a reality. So there will be things he suddenly finds funny that you will not, and he will pick up strange new words and habits, like being able to eat a whole meal - starter, main course and pud, in about 2 1/2 minutes. That includes the bottle of wine. Also, as mentioned, be prepared for the fact that he might have the urge to sleep. I recall a meal out with friends half way through where they turned to each other to say something, only to turn back after 10 seconds to find I had fallen asleep hovering above my pizza.

    Things get better after that, until an operational tour comes up. But love is blind.

    Oh, but with the spelling and so on? It won't go down any better with your boyfriend's muckers in the mess any better than it does in here. For better or for worse (where have I heard that phrase before?) officers' WAGs are expected to live up to certain perceived cliches.
  13. Well, thank God prospective wives don't have to stand before the CO and do a spelling test before he gives the go ahead for a wedding.

    Sheesh, cut the girl some slack!
  14. I did say this place was a bit intollerant in that respect...

    On the plus side the boyfriend will be capable of a 6 minute mile, cross terrain carrying his own bodyweight, be able to will himself to stay awake all night, be able to eat anything put in front of him no matter how it has been cooked and have discussed new sexual positions and practices till the wee hours, so there is an upside too.