Is it getting stale in here?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mexeman, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. This last week seems to be on a dull lull, can we be a little more exciting?
    Or has MuntersNetGate been a watershed? There must be someone out there to kick us back into life.... TiD?
  2. Don't see why MuntersNet is to blame, the incessant unfunny rape 'jokes' were hardly riveting anyway. Maddie's in the cellar with a face like a plasterer's radio, I'll get the van, duct tape blah blah blah.

    About as entertaining as getting up in the morning and caching the bus to work in an office.
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  3. I agree, but it does seem a bit dull.
  4. I can't use the tinterweb at my new job, & haven't got it at my new gaff yet either so I've not been on much other than on my phone. Normal service will resume soon enough. Can't speak for the rest though...
  5. .........
  6. You must have a big garage

    posted using smoke signals
  7. OK, what's the 'goss'? I need a bit of a backbrief to bring me up to speed of the goings on of Arrse. Yeah, I know, I lead a somewhat shallow existence if my only sense of 'reality' is this forum.

    Hey, give me a break, AFL Home & Away season doesn't start till next week.
  8. You did get away with it, didn't you?
  9. Apparently not. Though from memory, the only person I sexually abused in Iraq was myself.
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  10. Sue them then. Being depicted in the national prints as a nonce (assuming that you're not actually a nonce) would certainly qualify as one of the more extreme libels, with a correspondingly luscious payout.
  11. And herein lies the problem.
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  12. So the photo they printed was of you with your cock in your hand? Bastards!
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