Is it gay to shave your nutsack?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Infiltrator, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. I have just returned from a short det to somewhere hot and sticky with another member of this site. One evening, with the temperature still in the 100's this nameless (although I suspect that he will try to defend himself at somepoint and reveal himself to the board) chap said that he was uncomfortable downstairs as he was stubbly. It quickly became apparent that he shaves his nether regions, and had not been able to do so for a few days.

    Upon hearing this fact I was somewhat dumbstruck (unusual for me), as I had always considered it to be a somewhat (actually make that very fukcing) gay habit.

    As I was now sharing a tent with this non hirsute one, and on the long flight over I had just seen "Brokeback Mountain" I was naturally very concerned. A quick straw poll amongst some of the other 2000 inhabitants of this unit (all but 4 foriegn) revealed that the majority of them agreed that it was, at the very least, suspect, although one bright chap did say that it could be that he might be rather small down there and was trying to make it look bigger, a thought that had not occured to me, being as well endowed as I am.

    One or two others said that they felt that it was acceptable for a straight guy to shave himself down there, and that if we would like to see women less hairy then why not a man?

    Frankly I'd rather die than have a razor down there for anything other than surgical intervention!

    I throw this open to the floor, but I maintain, until convinced otherwise, that sharing a tent with this man should be done with caution and with one eye open at all times, and that anyone who is that vain that they have to shave their genitals is probably either gay or on the turn!
  2. Are we talking real deal, 'the best a man can get' shaving or a light 'trim'?
  3. Do you know.....I didn't actually look! Whoops sorry, must remember to check out my cell......sorry tent mates bolox next time!

    Seriously, don't know, but I think that we are talking proper razor stuff from what he was saying, though in his defence, it might not be all over the region, just in strategic places.

    Still sounds poofy to me though!
  4. The missus insists on me giving my region a light trim. Just reducing the length round and abouts to 3/4" or so, not shaving the nutsack.
  5. I've got the snip soon, and have shaved 'downstairs' completly. I can tell you it's painful, scary and pure agony. He must be gay, and love rough anal sex with well endowed gentlemen on a regular basis!!!!!!
  6. I like to shave mine down to a number 1 sometimes bare blade but never get the bic on it
  7. Have you made sure that he wasn't using your razor?
  8. as a medic with the amount of loose flesh around the nutsack it must be feckin' agony to shave it. how many cuts does he have down there? :(
  9. I don’t know if it’s gay but it’s certainly brave.
    One slip of the razor and he’d be half the man he once was, ever cut you balls? The feker bleeds bucket loads 8O
    I feel frightened just thinking about it.
  10. You know this from experience?

    I don't think it's gay at all. Although myself i prefer well groomed to bald.
  11. Never heard of making a "batwing"? :D
  12. How the fcuk should I know? I certainly wasn't going close enought to check it out!
  13. You may want to read this thread as all this talk and fascination of other mens dangly bits obviously puts you in a position of denial, fit for Frued himself.

    "Zo......tell me about zyor fazer"

    Nothing wrong with shaving one's minerals; It's when your cell *ahem* "tent" mate starts plucking his eyebrows, waxing his legs and bending down in front of you to pick up the soap that he "accidently" kept dropping, that's when you start to worry.
  14. I dont think it is gay, its just a preference (that i wont be choosing!!)
  15. Mass-debate going on in the office ATM.....What one does to his/her own parts should not be construed as gay unless one asks you to help lend a hand :eek:
    Your tent mate should consider a hot tub of wax (40 Year Old Virgin - ouch) or Immac rather than the spare Mach III blade from your wash bag, as the results are far more satisfatory and longer lasting (so I hear), especially when out in snake infested sweaty sand pits of the world.
    Infiltrator word of warning - make sure it's one of your eyes on yer mug that you keep open and not the muddy :donut: one. 8O
    Best of luck for the rest of your tour and keep us posted.

    Did you hear about the Jewish Rabbi - he missed and got the sack!!!