Is it cos I’s black?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by No.9, Sep 8, 2008.

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    ” Lee Jasper, who advised former London Mayor Ken Livingstone on equalities, said it was time the black community ran its own schools, with black teachers and black governors.”

    ”Mr Jasper said Jewish, Muslim and Hindu communities already had their own schools. And he accused the "liberal community" of dismissing the idea of black schools, while failing to address "institutional racism" within education.”

    Not only is he allowed to publicly say this, he gets space in National press and National TV? Of course ‘He’s’ not racist, is he, no of course not. Now, if say Peregrine Foreskin-Smythe declared there should be schools for ‘whites’ only – the outrage bus would be on his doorstep before he reached the last full stop and he’d be in the can awaiting the magistrate.

    ”Mr Jasper said Jewish, Muslim and Hindu communities already had their own schools.”

    Yes because their criteria is religion, not colour. Religions have different practices, diets, holy days, prayer schedules, dress codes etc. I don’t really suppose many Christians would be happy about their children dancing around a statue of Ganesh as Jews would be happy about their children singing songs to the Virgin Mary.

    And, yet again we see the ‘selective black’ issue. When it suites the protesters ‘black’ includes the world and his wife who are not ‘white’. e.g. When we’re told what a magnificent contribution the ‘black’ soldier made in WWII, we are given examples of Sikhs VC, Mâoris VC and Ghurkas VC??? Great, Central Asiatics, Nepalese and Polynesians are lumped in with Afro-Caribbeans? If that’s the case how come the Arabs miss a mention? Yet when it suites the argument, the likes of Lee Jasper elect to modify terminology to play a ‘race’ card?

    ”while failing to address "institutional racism" within education”

    They say he’s the former adviser to Livingstone – presumably this relates to London? So what about ALL the London schools, not to mention other parts of the country, where ‘white’ children account for less than 20% of the pupils??? Against whom would ‘institutional racism’ be levied???

    ”Mr Jasper said black schools would be open to all races but would be ‘focused in terms of their ethos, ethics and curriculum to the needs of our children’".

    Yeah, so the school cap is replaced with tea cosies and teachers smoke splifs in the Common Room? We’ll call them ‘Model T Ford’ schools – any colour as long as it’s black.

    ”…..employed teachers that look like the young people they are teaching."

    Utterly unbelievable! Suppose a ‘white’ parent made that statement???

    So, is Jasper saying it should be publicly acknowledged that children who are ‘black’ are academically inferior – which is bollox IMHO – or is he a racist ****?

  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Simple - racist. Sack him
  3. Attends to his portfolio of 'personal difficulties', more like:

    THE TIMES "Ken Livingstone’s judgment and credibility came under heavy fire last night when his closest aide suddenly quit after further revelations about his conduct.

    A City Hall spokesman confirmed that Lee Jasper’s departure was connected to claims that he channelled £100,000 of taxpayers’ money to projects run by a woman he bombarded with sexually charged e-mails."

    He's a great role model for young kids, eh?
  4. I swear to god i think i may abandon the very thought of England....I hate the place
  5. hmmm, I wonder what the reaction would be if it was a white politician calling for white schools for white kids?

    Only people such as Mr Jasper could get away with such a statement.

  6. I'm with you on that. The place seems to be getting worse, For Fcucks sake what is going on with the fcuking can't do this, you can't do that, it's even a fcucking crime to fly the St Georges cross in certain places now...Fcucking political correctness is becoming an an absolute sham, Would a Small group of English ex pats be allowed to move to a foreign country and demand the government set up its own schools etc??????(Doubtful)
  7. If England were what England seems,
    An' not the England of our dreams,
    But only putty, brass an' paint,
    'Ow soon we'd drop 'er!
    But she ain't!
  8. yes because when went to school he got A++++++++ in being a complete


    Mini rant over
  9. where is it illegal? Genuinely interested.
  10. Load of bollox from this man ps I'm black
  11. Yes, they would. We used to call it "The Empire".

    The man's a complete waste a a good decorative lampshade, but what goes around comes around. What will interest me is when the first non-black kid tries to enrol in one of these schools. I doubt the Asian community will fair terribly well in the admissions process.
  12. Strange that, quite a few Londeners from said parts of the world now send their kids back to school in that part of the world as they get a real education, along with real discipline. Unlike the high quality schools so ably supported by Mr.Livingstone and his friends
  13. Ok maybe i was exaggerating a little but check this link out and I'm sure you will agree.
  14. Well done Mr. Jasper you are a shining beacon of tolerance, multiculturism & racial equality. I'm sure children can learn so much from your brilliant example. How does this guy get air time -seriously? What a great idea 'ghettoise' the black kids in their own school so they can't integrate with all the other kids, becuase that will really help race relations won't it? Pr*ck!
  15. Yep, had a look seems to be an anti muslim website based on myth and prejudice. However did find this amusing and may lead to an alternative conclusion on the provenance of this story