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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by chrisg46, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    list medals/decorations on your CV?

    Got 3 military medals (NOT, repeat NOT the Military Medal!) and one civil award. Would i be in error to advertise this on a CV? None of the military awards are for a particular act, just what you might expect to see from a TA guy of ten years service. The civil award was for a particular incident in Iraq, but no medal is worn to show this.

    I dont want to come over as some big timer to potential future employers, but hey, if it gets me a job...

    Whats the done thing?

    considering how badly i think i have put this, maybe i should start again with the cv..
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Do you have a separate section on your CV detailing your TA service?

    Could you not put it in there?
    Something like
    Territorial Army Service:
    QOY 1997 - 2007
    Qualifications Gained
    etc, etc, etc
    Courses attended
    Operational Tours
    Bosnia,Northern Ireland,Iraq
    Operational Awards and Honours
    Bos Medal,Gsm,Iraq service medal
    Goc Commendation Iraq

    Would that work?

    Use everything you can if it's to your advantage :wink:
  3. No - period

    edit - do not list them
  4. 4-8-Alfa, why do you advise against?
  5. I would say by all means list them. A lot of civvy employers will take them as evidence that you have life skills and can handle responsibility and if they don't know what they are it won't make any difference. Very few civvies will think it Waltish as very few civvies would know what aWalt is.
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    If you are going to stay in the TA you will have to tel your new employer anyway
    Most people still have the TA down as a 'Dads Army' force
    So why not show them that you have been on tour and done well for yourself?
    IMHO it can't harm and surely it's only waltish if you put down honours and awards that you haven't earned?
    The two VC's and 6 MM's may be a bit over the top but putting your own awards done can't harm
  7. Nothing waltish about documenting your achievements. You earned the medals. You have every right to flaunt 'em.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    No, unless they are relevant to getting your next interview.

    The space would be better used detailing how you match the job description which is on offer.

  9. You earned them, you declare them my boy.
  10. Yes, the critical thing here is whether or not this is going to help you get the job you want. If the potential employer is defence sector or is well known for supporting the reserves, then you may want to put details of your service, including your medals, in. If not, then it is probably best to leave it out. I would also recommend leaving out details of current or recent service from CVs you are posting on the internet, however.

    Remember that most CVs, in companies of any reasonable size, will get filtered by somebody from HR before they get to anybody with a clue about the actual role you are applying for.
  11. Chris
    A cv should be no more than two sides of A4 with your most current employment, job description given the most priority. Mention that you are in the reserve forces, but listing medals/courses etc is a waste of time given the short shrift that most employers give cv's ie look at the first page and bin it if the candidate is not suitable. As you are aware mentioning you are in the ta can be a double edged sword as although some organisations that purport to support the ta, the manager that conducts the interview may not.
  12. The issue isn't whether you declare medals, it's whether you declare your TA status. Definitely declare ex-TA status - employers like evidence of past achievements 'over and above'. They don't like things over and above when they're still current - especially when they think that by taking you on they'll have to pay for eight months of training costs and emergency-cover while you're playing mortar bomb hopskotch at BIA.
  13. S-S

    Sorry for not getting back sooner, had to cut away.

    Sad to say civilians not interested in military medals.

    You will, as MSR says, be better served matching the job description plus outlining your individual skills and transferable knowledge.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    It the TA comes up as a topic at the interview, that would be the time to drop your medals into the conversation.

  15. I'd thought that as well. A sorry state!

    msr, shouldn't the TA come up at an interview anyway?