Is It Any Wonder Why We Are Going Broke

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Jun 5, 2013.

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    And when it's spent corectly........
  2. An IRS audit is worse than a mafia shakedown....I knew a lady back in MI who used to run a day care biz, she used breakdown in tears every time I saw her cause she was audited thrice in two years because she had the gall to claim certain deductions correctly which pissed off the IRS goons who were hoping to find some dirt on her the first time. *****.
  3. Er, but hold on, in the 2nd paragraph....

    But the audit also shows that such expenditures fell sharply when the Obama White House clamped down on travel and conferences as budgets tightened and a scandal erupted over how much the General Services Administration had spent on conferences. I.R.S. spending on such meetings fell to $4.8 million in the 2012 fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30, from $37.5 million in fiscal 2010.

    So savings have been made.
    Still it's always fun spending Tax Payers money, if only to enrage TeaParty frothers.
  4. $1577 per head, that's actually quite cheap...compared to the German conference benchmark "ERGO Versicherung" (A large self important insurance company) they paid €2666 per head for their last official hooley in Budapest. Of course only 21 people attended that....and 70 prostitutes!
  5. Better class of poll dancer!
  6. Only $27,500 for a keynote speaker, can't have been one of the Blairs then, be lucky to get them at a smile and shake gig fo that.
  7. Compared to the $US 6 Trillion, a Brown University study estimates, that the Republican adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq will cost, (This includes Veterans care to at least 2050) the IRS bunfights are probably good value for money.
    That's more of a reason why the US is owned by China.
  8. $4.1 million is of course less than $0.013 per US citizen.

  9. That 4.1 million would certainly be better spent elsewhere......I mean, the average cost of an execution in the USA is apparently 1.26 million dollars (and double that in Maryland), 3.25 badly defended poor people could have been shuffled off for that amount (although I suspect that Texas would see off a bus full of juveniles and half wits for much less than that).
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  10. The UK quango costs rose to over £3600 per family by 2011 if I remember the Daily Sieg Heil front page correctly! I also seem to remember the police efficiency quango, introduced to cut policing costs, blew over £6.5million and spent thousands on bespoke red cedarwood bee hives!

    US public servants are obviously amateurs at spending the filthy taxdollar!
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  11. I see you are from the School of US Government Accounting (held at the Wizard of Oz Training Institute) where you can say with (presumably) a straight face that "savings" have been made.

    Ah yes, more insults, the favorite tactic of the Alinsky model to silence opposition. That attitude (displayed from Him on down through His administration) has now led to one of the greatest partisan abuses for federal power against its own citizens merely because of their opposing views in modern history.
  12. You are right---I was silly to even bring it up as I write my quarterly estimated tax payment check.