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Is it an arrser on the comments on this cat resurrection story ?

I had a cat die and I buried it in my garden. It was sudden and we didn't know why it died although I suspected the local Council may have poisoned it when they sprayed the pavements with weed killer.

Just as I was hooking it into the hole, my mum said, "are you sure it's dead?" As I chucked the first shovel load of earth on top of it, I replied, "if it's not dead mum, now's a good time to wake up!"
The lass's kid dug the hole. He must have used a garden trowel for it to have taken 2 hours. Kids these days. :roll: :p
Top comment this:

wrote:an easy mistake to make, i did the same with my mother, and imagine my mums horror when we sold the house

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