Is it all worth it!

I was a SSgt for 2 years before being posted to Fally last year (17 years done). I know the MQ situation here is bad, but putting me into a block of flats full of juniors and straight away making me block senior was a big coincidence to me. It happens to a lot more SNCO's here we think.

There are soldiers turning down the oportunity of promotion here as they are more than happy with their lot. They get paid a few £'s a day less than us, get it bumped up by the Tax Credits and live in the same sh@t holes as us. What have they got to aspire to? When I was a young soldier the seniors had a choice of were to live, not told to "take it or leave it!"

Is/Was it worth the years of hard work and effort? I am currently talking to the Aus Army, an employer who still values the roles their middle managers play about the opertunity to jump ship (a sinking ship)!

They get away with it because of the pension prisoner syndrome.

I am on the verge of Leaving it Thank you, pension or not!
Thanks mate,

I wasn't at that stage until now!!!!! Its still suprising how many SNCO's are now counting down to sacking it. All had enough, most comment how life was better as a screw.
Ticking off the days already until this prison sentence on my pension is over-1089 days to go- but gotta keep smiling.
878 here......
814 here :( Can't wait for 20 Aug 09 :D Civvy Strasse here I come :twisted:

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