Is it acceptable to bone my OC in training?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by chumpycheeks, May 4, 2007.

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  1. The ed centre here is brill - they have imprroved my spelling a lot, in one lessonn. I now its not perfect, but it all makes sense now. if only Grandad had devoted as much time to my three rs as my basic fieldcraft and fighting skills, i would be the perfect knight templar of the modern battlefield.

    annyway, the title is self-explanattry: she is a goddess and has helped get my english better. i owe here big time and wander if its ok to give her a trip to heaven. i know she wants it, from the way she held my pencil in the lesson, as she leaned over my desk to 'correct my speeling'. what do you think? waht are the risks? I think the stuff in the food is not affecting my honed body much.
  2. I'd say go for it...Many a young lass has advanced their career in the military by knobbing their DS/seniors. In these days of sexual equality, its refreshing to hear the same opportunities being offered to healthy young male recruits......She isnt a Para Captain, is she?
  3. I knew it would be Chimpy!

    Bone on!
  4. Ah ChumpyCheeks!

    I would say you should go for it, as the famous Jack Nicholson quote goes - "You can't beat getting a blowjob from someone you have to salute the next moring"

    Record the event, stick it on youtube, and put a link on here :D

  5. As long as you give her a choice in the matter, I don't see why not. What are you going to do if she isn't as willing as you are?
  6. Thanks Lumpy - things move so fast in the regs, its abit scary for a youngster, even with my highlyy devveloped combat senses. Even tho the trainings just a formmality for me, i still need to impress everyone if im to make the unit once ive done a few months in the normal army - im not like these idiots who think theyll join teh SAS direct from basic - i know you need at least six months 'normal' service to provide a cover on your records - im happy to wait that long.

    anyway, on topic, your logic seems very fair to me. shes not a para, but shes really fit. i think its a done deal now - she wants me to go to her room tonight for some 'pokey drill'. she keeps asking me why my uniform doesn't fit properly. the NCOs think its cos its not ironed enough, but i know better. shes irresistably drawn to my physique, and keeps taking my hat off -she pretended to throw it on the parade sqaure in a fit of rage this morning, but we know better in our secret hearts. she wants me to 'iron my creases properly', so im going to get her to help me with that little task...filthy minx.
  7. Yea go for it and spiderman her at the end with your man fat and see if she manages to wash it all out by first parade the next day :wink:
    Only make sure you video it and place on Ytube so we can grade your performance
  8. Watch her carefully when she writes anything on the board.

    If you can pick out the letters that form the words 'fcuk me chumpy'
    from anything she writes then it is ok to give her a pull as she writing to you in code.

    This happened to me, and it definitely helps if you get a voice whispering in your ear like radio static telling you to go ahead.

    Turned out the message was for someone else, but never mind...
  9. thats a very good point - im pretty confident in my ability to read the fairer sex - no problems there for chumpycheeks thankyou very much, and if big jamie ever says different, he's a lying cnut, ok?

    however, accepting, as a born combateer, that we must plan for all eventuallities, thats where combatcat comes in. ive given him basic wardog training - Grandad helped me, as he used them for patrol protection in the Radfan, and said it was brilliant the way they'd 'point' silently if an adoo approached under cover of the velvety desert night, alerting their handler to deal death and mutilation for the glory of Britain.

    So i will use some of the issue green string that we tie to our toes in harbour positions, and tie it from my toe to the cats tail. he will take up a combat croauch outside her door. if she should, by any bizarre chance, scream or otherwise make a noise as my manhood is revealed, that will be his signal to adopt the shaolin drunken monkey fighting pose - but hidden above the door lintle.

    Any members of the officers mess foolish enough to attempt to intrude on our love tryst will be disembowlled from above, giving me time to smack her upside the head until she shuts up: at that point I will enjoy myself with her supine body of delight for about ten minutes (cat has been timed at 2 hours against 3 doberman pinschers, so I'm good for at least this, I figure)

    As I vault into the night from her 5th floor window, the string will break - he knows thats the signal to E&E toot sweet.

    Obviously this won't be needed, but as we all now, time spent in planning is seldom wasted. Sound good?
  10. Make sure you dont eat in the cookhouse then, as the bromide may take its effect at the moment you most wish to impress her.....If you've already eaten there, I'd suggest a visit to a chemist, and buy some ex-lax. If they still make it in the chocolatey type bars, then about 6 of them should be enough to counter the bromide and enable you to 'spurt' all over her....
  11. culdnt survive 2 mins wiv my fookin wol tho lol

  12. ^ ^ ^ We need a dedicated thread for the musings of Mr Cheeks.

    This is golden stuff
  13. Plenty of reasons to ask for additional spelling lessons from wot I cin tel.
  14. Motorman, that's a great tip: I went back over the notes that Itook in my waterproof goretex covered notebook in the ed centre this morning:

    " I want you chumps to keep your arse cheeks out of the mess from now on. it is unacceptable to be a bed wetter like you shower of maggots

    Bit pervy, but I like that in a posh bint.

    No voices yet, but that may be because my body is a temple, and they'd find it hard to sneak a transmitter in without me noticing and killing the poor average joe trainer entrusted with the task.
  15. Bum