Is It a Sausage fest in there ?!?!? haha

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by JazzySchnizzle, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    thinkin of joinin fairly soon but concerned that (although I'm not homophobic) I will feel wierd if i have to get my Old Chap out infront of 20 other fella's !!!

    So is it true that u all shower together or is it rumour ???
  2. Crap wah.
  3. Communal showers are ok, unless it's with a certain unit's mortars and you happen to drop the soap...
  4. You posted this in the 'Thrusting Young Blades' forum? fnarr fnarr!
  5. Im not currently serving but when i went to selection we did! if its a big problem for you you can wear shorts its not a rule you have to go naked!!!

    just dont go in there with a hard on and dont look at every1s meat and 2 veg!!
  6. join up and you will get that shyness bummed out of you.

    p.s. depends where you are. Generally no is the answer, but there are one or two places that still do. nobody cares though.
  7. You get your first taste at selection, havn't got anything to hide have you?

    Fucking man up.
  8. You havent lived till you have hopped in a steamy shower to be greeted by a line of muscly backs and shaved heads bobbing back and forward ! :D
  9. And that's just the girls! 8O
  10. Did you never play rugby (or any other team sport) through school? Communal showers are normal, and if anyone wore clothing in a shower they would get ripped the shit out of, so I wouldn't try it.

    Getting naked together will become part of day to day life, get over it.