Is it a matter of trust?

Hi all,

Another exercise gone by where we are away for 3 weeks with the staff, however on this occasion we are given some free time to wait for movements etc at endex. Imagine my delight in seeing all of the HQ Staff going to the town for a beer or walkaround, while we are all gated. So are the AGC HQ Staff and others more trustworthy than us? Or are we just rising above thier lacklustre un-professional standards? Excuse my possible sound of a dig, but why is this? Somebody explained to me that as we are the support troops, we have to be seen as whiter than white and cannot allow the staff to see any possible slip in standards, ie, pissed up scalies in the town etc, is this valid - or should we be trused?

This seems to be now a standard thing, and something I have witnessed several times. Any other views?


Well there are a couple of reasons why you were gated.....

First, it could be that (depending on your trade) being support, you were there to offer if something went wrong out of hours they would need people like yourself (maybe) to sort it out..... Im not sure cos you have not gone into detail about what your exact position was during the exercise......but by the sounds of it you were there in a "WHAT IF" capacity.....

Either that or the officers didnt want to associate with the guys on the ground and decided that the best idea would be to distance you from them.....but apart from that I expect the kind of answer you will get is "Cos you were on exercise, your not officers and you will do as youre told"

Thats what I got told lol lol
Maybe it was because it was endex and your hierachy decided you should stay sober and get some rest before driving back. Let the officers go to the pub they only get in the passenger seat and a fall asleep anyway, getting them tipsy aids this and ensures they dont go near a map.


nah its because we are all scum.(until the power goes , or their precious laptop stops working, or they need the gain turning up on their remote boxes.
staff officers are all Cnuts.

And so are there gollum like lackeys, (AGC and Int) who hang around them like flys around sh1t.

They only like us when we bail them out or sort there problems out, and 9 times out of 10 blame us for the problem in the first place.

Even when they have lost 6 hours work by not saving it once during that time.

I would say you didn't drink because of the fact you would be driving/providing support as the sleeps would still be up at least.

Given that you had been on exercise for 3 weeks it was probably best you didn't drink. From experience you generaly have a lower tolerance than usual. Then you drive, in convoy (which is essentially legal tailgating) at 50K an hour. Just fast enough for the drone of the tyres to kick in and send you to bed.

Next time do what we always do, make the best of sh1t deal, and remember this. The humblest class 3 Sigy or Pnr is 10 times better than any otaff officer/Int & AGC could ever be. We allow them to shuffle paper and speak to Tarquin who was slightly better than they were, that's why he got to be OC of the Squadron/Battery/Company and you got Rupert.

PS. Take it you've never heard of singing shovel?

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