Is it a BIRD...

On Wednesday 4 April, some 120 troops from Colchester-based A Company (A Coy), 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment (3 PARA), parachuted onto the Everleigh drop zone before being picked up by helicopters to "assault" South Cerney airfield.
I hope they fucked the movers up when they got there. :)
I suppose if you have to put a lot of people and heavy equipment on the ground fast its better. But i think range would be one of the biggest things. I guess its faster too than having 5 Chinooks all coming in and trying to debus at the same time.

But then again i never got my arse off armour and could be talking out of it!


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Serious question what advantages tactically does parachuting have over helicopter insertion/extraction other than range?
One can step out of a helicopter onto the ground without a harness creasing ones strides.

*Edit* Don't start me on parachute extraction. Some of my best friends have passed on due to parachute extraction.

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