Is Iraqi democracy a good model for others?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jul 15, 2006.

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  1. Always. It is good even for USA and Europe.

  2. In almost all cases

  3. Sometimes

  4. Rarely

  5. Never.


    Probably it means: just wait an invasion in Russia.
  2. Out of the theme, just watched on TV how the Putins and the Blairs met. Mrs Blair hurried to kiss Vladimir.
  3. Poor bugger.
  4. Surprise. Nobody voted. It means that

    1. So called Iraqi democracy is something imaginary.
    2. There are too few among British military who are eager to give up own life for 'Iraqi democracy'.
    3. Support for mr.Bush in this aspect is invisible.
  5. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Bush's face was a picture when the laugh went up in the conference. Worth a £1m.
  6. No it does not Sergy, Iraq is going through what Europe went through 300 years ago, some times you have to induce to make sure the birth goes ahead.

    And shall we talk about what is going on in Mother Russia where old customs die hard?
  7. And if America is the analagous mother, the labour pains must be smarting a tad
  8. Yeah we'll give Val the best of that confrontation.
  9. No it isn't, when was democracy enforced by European countries invading other countries to enforce democracy?
  10. Castereagh

    I was refering to the implosion of Iraqi society out of which a stable Democracy (or 1 Democracy- Kurdistan plus 1 Theocracy - the Shia bits and 1 failed Sudanese failed state - the Sunnis) will eventually emerge, not the impostion of Democracy from without.
  11. Kurdistan under Barzani a democracy? Maybe an American approved Egyptian style one. :roll:
    But I understand the point you were making but would say that any notion of democracy can only evolve as any attempt to force an 'ideal democracy' (Read Western) on any foreign culture is doomed to failure.
  12. Well an independant Kurdistan would be a stable Democracy faster than anwhere else between Instanbul and New Dehli and they deserve it more as well. I agree with your comment about forcing 'ideal Democracy' after all the Palistinian elections were fair and balanced even by Florida standards enforced by the EU & US as the major donors and lo and behold who do the ingrates elect?
  13. That's like comparing a construction site to Buckingham Palace. They need time before anyone can say.

    The Kurds could definitely do it though
  14. Palestinian polity though not perfect has evolved over time in many ways they Kurdish and Palestinian polities are very similar.
    However if any semblance of a stable democracy is to be established in Kurdistan
    Than issues such as nepotism, corruption, freedom of press and human rights needs to be resolved.
    Also in a democracy, whether we like it or not people have the right to elect the party they want. I would also say that after the debacle of the Fatah years, it was inevitable that the people would turn to Hamas, who were not given a chance by the international community to step back from the rhetoric
  15. As I'm aware the Catholics were allowed to be MPs in 1829. Until that time it would be hard even to speak about democracy in the UK. So, as I understand the Job would be done in 2129. It is a very 'optimistic' prediction.

    I dare say that you know Russia not well enough. It is namely Great Britain where old customs die hard. Only Cromwell changed significantly British political landscape. Though old customs that 'die hard' hadn't really died and later British political world developed without any revolutions. By contrast Russia is very flexible in this matter. In 1917 its political, economical, social structures changed dramatically. And in 1991 the changes were profound. In fact I was born in one country and am living in absolutely dufferent one (from political, economical, social and so on points of view).