Is Intergeri worth the time of day ??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by saintstone, Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. This is the thread that this doris asked for and below that is the request itself:-

    Now, who's worth more praise, lickle Intergeri or Ross Kemp?? Let's check the facts:-

    1) Ross Kemp does good work for FORCES charities, Inter does work for kids charities and slags off someone who does work for FORCES charities.

    2) Ross Kemp went to Afghanistan, not once, but twice, Inter is lucky if she can waddle to her garden gate and back

    3) Ross Kemp doesn't come on Arrse and gob off (he probably has the right to, mind you), Inter has over 800 posts in 2 months, not one of which is helpful or interesting in any way, shape or form and has yet to prove any reason why she should be here, military or otherwise.

    Those are the facts, I make that 3-0 to Ross Kemp. I expect the usual Arrse maidens/harridans/fishwives to reply to this thread, just because one of their own has been lambasted in this manner, but then they would, especially one certain member who just can't stop dribbling on any thread, any topic adding nothing of worth to the topic, just a way of getting her post count back up.
  2. Personal attacks suck, quite frankly. Just my opinion. So I won't be helping you.
  3. If you have an issue with Intergeri then why not take it private?
  4. what a nob lol! :roll:
  5. It's not a problem with Intergeri perse, just her whole attitude to the thread about Ross Kemp, it's sucks, he's done a lot of work for Forces charities and bringing the Forces to the public eye and the job they do in conflicts.

    Tremaine- if you don't agree with my posting, you only had to refrain from posting at all.

    white_rabbit- so short a time on Arrse and already an oxygen thief, well done, if only everyone had such commitment to thier cause.
  6. Deleted because I can't be arrsed.
  7. It's not her fault she is scottish.

    Oh, and you can't say SCH anymore.
  8. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    To the hole with this s hit thread. Seriously, making a thread devoted solely to slagging off a fellow Arrser coz they p issed you off? What do you hope to achieve? plaudits? Medals? The Undying adulation of the regulars? Like F uck.

    Clearly you haven't grasped the concept of online forums, as what people usually do if they don't agree with someone is tell them very quickly and succinctly.

    How many posts have you got, f uckwit? 15? And before you say 'well, actually I have 3 different aliases and 1 million posts - nobody cares.

    Get over yourself.
  9. Take the advice Mr One Gong, and run....
  10. Oooooh, now I'm scared. Run from what??? You , chubby??
  11. Mr whatever ur name is, I have to work tomorrow so I won't be taking time to worry about you will I? Oh and do you beat your partner? Probably. U got off lightly, do one.
  12. And so another pointless online punch up commences.
    Ross Kemp, Intergeri I know neither and apart from accusations of Scottishness and hammy acting on their parts, I will keep my opinions to myself. Perhaps you should do the same R.A.
  13. Actually, I have the utmost respect for my female partner and all females, I would never think of striking a female, it's not a habit I have ever indulged in.
    And if by stating that you have to get up for work tomorrow, are you inferring that I do not work?? Can I just inform you that in 30 years of being able to work, I've only EVER spent TWO weeks unemployed, so you do one, city boy.
  14. She asked for her own thread, she got one.

    Is she anything to do with the Armed Forces anyway?