Is infantry the way forward for me?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by tochy01, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. What is the best thing about being an infantryman? And did you make the right choise?
  2. dont bother with inf mate just go straight for sas, why waste 3 years?
  3. I agree with Suedehead. Join up to 49 Para, then after a year you're expempt approx 50% of the SAS selection anyway, if I recall. I'm sure someone on here will know for sure?
  4. Of course it is! What's the matter, man? Don't you want to be a proper soldier?
  5. i want to ba a para. jst getting as much info as poss.
  6. y r a rtd m88888
  7. considerin you need to be in any branch of the armed forces for 3 years before you can apply for special forces selection :lol:

  8. Really? :roll:
  9. yes

    3 years service in the armed forces required to apply for special forces selection.
    you cant apply for the sas in the careers office can you?
  10. You're a very well informed young man. Shame you can't spot a wind up at ten paces. Spanner.
  11. I think your irony detector is due an MOT. Perhaps you should get your sense of humour serviced whilst you're there :roll:

    In fact, why are you even here? You're still at school, and in no position to give advice to others.
  12. At the risk of giving you a serious answer, you might want to check this thread -

    Anyone Love the Infantry

    As with any job it will have it's ups and downs, i think i made the right choice.
  13. If you want to be a proper soldier where all the action is join the AGC or the RLC! they're all nails pal!
  14. em....yes? :lol:
    forget a said anythin :p
  15. You probably wont get the answer your looking for on here tochy01, my advice would be go to the careers office and ask a recruiter that is/has been in the infantry. AGC and RLC isnt all soldering lol if you want infantry, your local regiment or paras best bet?