is Illmatic the greatest hip hop album ever?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 123, Mar 2, 2012.

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  1. 123

    123 LE

    if not, what?
  2. I, myself, have a preference for Biggie Smalls' early stuff although I have got into Snoop Dogg since he was guest DJ at my local British Legion.

    Of course, neither of them are a patch on Julio Iglesias in his 70s prime.
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  3. At first I thought this would be in the Films, music and all things artsy, then I realised it was about hip hop, and does belong in the NAAFI where all things cheap, nasty, and derivative, are to be found.

    Youth of today! Bah humbug!
  4. GLC greatest hits

    You knows it.
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  5. "greatest hip hop album ever"

    Oxy-moron or what?
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  6. 123

    123 LE

    Yah I like early Biggie, but his lyricism and wordplay aint the best. So, who's the best/cleverest lyriist - Pac, Nas or Em? It's gotta be outta those 3
  7. You couldn't have listened to Aim or the chubbster but out of your 3 ...defo Em.
  8. Couldn't agree more. The modern music fan has simply lost touch with easy listening. Is Inglebert Humperdinck even available on iTunes? (If not, I bet he soon will be!).

    Just click on the link below and listen to Julio singing "La Merde". OK, it's about a trip to the sea side but don't just listen. Step into this song. Roll in it. Let it cover you and you can almost smell the 1970s - a time when even white guys didn't have to use abbreviations when talking about N.W.A.

    (By the way, the video is from the ending of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy so if you've yet to see this great film - look away now)

    Julio Iglesias - La Mer - YouTube

    And another thing: Blokes like me and Auld Yin endured wallpaper and clothes like that during the Cold War so blokes today don't have to. No need to thank us.
  9. 123

    123 LE

    I gave aim a little listen, but not enough to form a proper opinion as yet. Em. interesting. For me it was between Pac and Nas with Nas probably edging it
  10. 123

    123 LE

    nobodys disputing julios place as the pre eminent melodic and enchanting chanter. who could in their right mind?! but hip hop lyricologistics is where its at. so, youre obviously a sugarhill gang fan.
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