Is hotmail buggered?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. Has anybody else had trouble logging into hotmail over the last few days? can't access it, site just keeps crashing...
  2. It's working fine for me CR, I'm still getting berated
  3. Works fine here... You moved to Live! mail yet?
  4. My Hotmail has been playing up for 2days now. Like you, i keep getting thrown out then cant get back in for ages. So annoying!

    I've not moved over to Live yet, cant be arsed to read all about it. Is it a lot better?
  5. It's not better per se, just different. I prefer it. I sometimes have issues with hotmail, but they tend to resolve themselves after a couple of days.
  6. I've not been able to access Hotmail on my machine for some months. This is because I have an antiquated Operating System. To try and retain the stuff I have stored in Hotmail mailboxes (because your account gets deleted if not used) I have logged in when visiting my daughter. Last time I did this, I received a message from a friend, in Canada, informing me that Hotmail intended to charge for Hotmail, and, that, as a protest, one needed to send individual (not forwarded mails) to a cetain number of contacts. The friend who advised me of this is a pretty internet-savvy young chap. Unfortunately, I cannot retrieve the eMail on this machine.
  7. It's not true, bovvy.

    Same e-mail has been doing the round in various guises for many moons. It is not true, hotmail are not about to start charging.
  8. Not banned from that as well are you? What time did you try to log on?
  9. Yipe it is acting up
  10. Live Hotmail fine this end.
  11. Mine's reet.

    I'm just "offline". That is not an invitation to bore me.

    Sorry SeanBean, I can't help looking at that photo........
  12. My Viagra and Russian temptress e-mails are getting through fine.