is honesty the best policy?

this morning at work in london (civ div now) one of the lads (who is not ex army) started asking questions about this site, apparently he read somewhere that a lot of the big wigs in westminster have been reading this site with interest.
All the past drivel by the army top brass stating "the army is stretched but we are coping" AND "the equipment the boys have is more than up to the job" along with "there is plenty of kit to go round" and all the rest of the bolox that they come out with is now under close scrutiny because of this site.
Big wigs in london are sifting thru here on a daily basis to find out the truth.
Ok its accepted that there are a lot of whingers in the army but issues regarding lack of manpower/duff/lack of kit are now emerging.
question is,
is it right to bring this to the publics attention
Is there a liklihood that top brass are going to kick off about the site and attempt to intervene and cover up the truths?
your opinions please....
Unless they are morbidly afraid of the truth there is no reason why the 'top brass' should be worried. A cursory glance through ARRSE would show that there is just as much posted against civilian misconceptions and mis-reporting of defence matters as there is blasting of the MOD. Most serious threads on here usually follow a sort of dialectic - showing, perhaps for the first time, that soldiers are not all of a single mind and have just as wide a range of opinions as you will find anywhere else in society. The 'brass' should trumpet the fact that ARRSE shows that soldiers reflect society but manage to maintain a cohesion and mutual loyalty that is pretty unique in today's world.

PS Copey - you might want to ask to move this thread onto one of the 'general boards' - it might get a wider readership there, mate.
this site will do more than the attitude servey will ever do.

im glad its here

its good the truth is out... or everyone wil carry on thinking its all rosey. id rather it all got fixed.
OOOoops sorry for shouting!
Well it's public pressure that gets things done, so im all for it.

Let the truth be spoke!

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