Is honestly the best policy?

Can I have your number? You sound well up for it. Dirty bitch.
Had exactly the same thing happen when I was in the local village hardwear shop and I bought 12m of chain, the little old man said "its rather a lot, what are you going to do with it? chain up the dogs?" "No" says I "not ..the dogs ....the other half". Old lad behind the counter grinned at me and has grinned at me every time I have seen him since!

Edited to say - it was to chain up the dogs but I thought it would be nice to cheer up an old lad that has a woman come into his shop about twice a year.
Oh come on! Don't try to tell me that, on occasions, you haven't thought of the diplomatic although not entirely truthful solution and then, on impulse, come straight out with the unvarnished version :D

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