is homosexuality rife in the muslim world?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by MADPIERRE16, Oct 7, 2006.

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    isnt the above a famous muslim saying?
  2. Why dont you answer the question since you are so curious?

    I know in Iran they execute your kind.
  3. what is my kind devil dog?
  4. A homo maybe or the kind that tries to start a controvesy where none exists?
  5. first off devil dog dont insult people hiding behind a keyboard when you probably wouldnt insult them when you were standing next to them in a NAAFI bar.
    Secondly why so touchy? I was opening a debate in open forum over a subject that Ihave recently read about.
    as for where no controvesy exists? which world are you in?
    on the off chance this thread survives the morning I look forward to other peoples less touchy opinions
  6. Devil Dog, DO NOT FEED THE TROLL.
  7. Aye Sir! :salut:
  8. :?
  9. man born of man?

    er...I know I'm no rocket scientist but even I know that it's women who bear children. I only know that since I saw my tiny kids popping out of 'her indoors' covered in goo and all a funny bluey-grey colour, mind you.

    Perhaps the saying 'man born of man' actually refers to mankind? Shock!

  10. Historically, most societies where not only tolerant of buftys, but they positively encouraged it.
    Greeks loved the c0ck, and your average Roman would be up your cack pipe before you could say "Nice column Trajan!"
    Even modern,supposedly secular societies like Turkey favour "The love that dare not speak its name"
    Invariably, religion and its restrictions upon pre-marital sex, is cited as the reason behind it, but in the Anglo-Saxon world we've never embraced turd-burglurary with the same enthusiasm as our mediterranean and middle eastern brethren.
    I blame the heat, perhaps global warming will turn you all into knob jockeys, not me, I'm off to Panama where men are men and women are glad of it.
    My advice? buy shares in Astrolube, and invest in a rubber ring.
  11. Stop me if you've heard this one but why do homos like ribbed condoms?

    Because they want more traction in the mud. :D
  12. Or this one.

    Two condoms are walking outside a gay bar.One condom looks at the other and says "wanna go in and get shiit faced?" :D
  13. What an utterly uterly useless thread!
  14. Tsk, tsk. Lesbians these days. :roll:
  15. In Islam, Judgement Day wont arrive until women outnumber men.