Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by CLOONEY, Dec 22, 2003.

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  1. Somewhat controversial subject, but got myself into a heated debate just the other day on the subject of homosexuality in the forces and it's acceptance. The basic discussion relates to the issue as to whether being a "gay bastard" in the forces actually consistutes being ill. The question can be broken down simply: homosexuality is an illness and is not curable, It is an illness and is or could be curable, or even it is not an illness. As always our masters will make their own appreciation but before I advise my friend whether to come out or not in the New Year I would firstly wish to get a feel as to whether or not he should actually should firstly be seeing the doc. I know what I think :twisted:
  2. Dont think its cureable , think its genetic, but then I am not a Doctor, but we could maybe come up with a solution , we could raise a couple Battalions of (homo) airborne (Ta) and then when told they need volunteers to jump onto the enemy there would be no shortage of volunteers :lol:
  3. It is 100% curable

    Take 1 X 9mm aspirin straight to front of head
  4. It would certainly be very interesting to know the facts and figures relating to the amount of hormones from the female contraceptive pill getting through to men via the water supply.
    We do seem to be largely affected by chemicals and hormones...
    Depression for example can often lift very quickly once the chemical balance of the brain is restored by medication.
    The contraceptive pill is widely used and obviously this gets into the water system. If a boy recieves more female hormones than he would naturally whilst growing up I guess this would have an effect.
    It may or may not be an influence. I don't know.
    Doesn't explain why there has always been men who prefer their own sex though...nor very effeminate appearing men who are totally straight!
  5. Is it prevalent in the TA ?
  6. No mate, its mandatory :D
  7. Wow, really? PTP, any comments?
  8. Well thankyou for that Doctor Kildare.
  9. i know i am going to get soundly thrashed for my view point on this - but is homosexuality curable ? i for one certainly hope not

  10. Dont know why this is in the ta forum? Mighty donut sorry to disapoint
    you its not prevalent in the ta unlike the cav or public school guess you will have to go back to your op in hampstead heath. :)

    If you liked having sex with men why would you want to be cured ? if you dont like having sex with men why do it ? Other than that who cares ?
  11. Be quiet.............silly man!

    We have already sorted the kakpipe cosmonauts out on another thread.

    I just noted that all TA fellas are snappers, nothing more. Also on a board mainly frequented by men, why does your name match that of a slang name for a Blood engorged man stem?
  12. my apologies you got me good i ll go back to reading my combat and survival
  13. LOL worry not, I am the one stepping in on an alien forum, I shall nob off back to the NAAFI and leave you guys talking about stamps and train sets :D
  14. MDN - we can also talk about having real jobs and lives as well.
  15. Will Young is homosexual. I would cure him........