Is Herbal Incense Illegal for Soldiers?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by David2008, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. It is legal out in civvy street but I was wondering if its against military law to smoke it? Im not a drug addict and hate drugs but dont mind smoking herbal incense, just need this cleared up because i start basic soon and if its traceable and or not allowed in the british army then ill stop smoking it, thanks.
  2. Yes. It is illegal whilst you are a member of the Armed Forces to misuse any substance, including solvents or even legally available things like 'Pro Plus' (though I have yet to hear of anyone being done for that).
  3. I love Herbal Insence......and the adverts are good too! That fit chick the forrest washing her hair does it for me everytime!
  4. Thanks for that mate :)
  5. herbal family sex ? well if you wish to I suppose
  6. Ethanhunt,

    Your brother is a low-life piece-of-shit and you can tell himI said so. With luck he will get the electric chair.
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  7. I doubt that it is illegal. If it is not listed as a prohibited drug ( as are marijuana, LSD, opiates, cocaine etc.,) then there is nothing illegal about possession or use.

    I did an army first aid course during which we learned a bit about drug abuse; the instructor made a comment to the effect that we had to learn this because it was in the syllabus but that we should not expect to see the use of illegal drugs in the British Army (bear in mind it was long, long ago); in his experience only two drugs caused any medical problems in the army and they were alcohol and tobacco.
  8. Is that where Basil kicks Rosemary's backdoors in , if so it's mint.
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  9. About thyme there were some decent puns in the NAAFI!
  10. I've been waiting for these to start Cumin' out, you old sage you.......
  11. Is he (or are they) schizophrenic?
  12. While I was at Defence School of twattery Leconfield I was interviewed over being an alleged drugs baron.
    My massive haul of contriband? One unopened packet of Pro Plus (with NAAFI price tag still attached IIRC)
    The result? Half a day of not being in the worlds most boring lecture on antenna theory, my pro plus being returned to me and some half mumbled apologies about "being wrong, but you can't be too careful"
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    At least if someones been on the powder and Blue Wickeds on a Saturday night you can guarantee all they want to do on a Monday morning is continually blow their nose and scran like a Shire Horse.
  15. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    That's because you're not supposed to crush the pro plus and snort them through a rolled up crisp 20.