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Is he pushing it on me?

Basically my recruiter wants me to join HR & Finance Military Admin, I have had my eye on Military Engineer Comms. Can I get some serving/Ex soldiers opinions on the Royal Engineers?

I want to be out and about doing stuff, and not looking after records and such.

heidtheba said:
As long as you have the quals, stick to your guns and don't let them push you into something you don't want to do

I almost got pushed to do Aircraft Tech (and I know it's a well-sought job) But I wanted something different and something I will be motivated to do.
Having seen both sides of the coin as RAOWO of an engineer regiment, I can honestly say that they are a fine bunch and echo the comment about esprit de corps etc. Go for the engineer option, although hr admin whatever its called now may suit some go for what YOU want to do, even if it means waiting for a vacancy.
i wanted to join the intelligence corps.

my recruiter insisted that i actually wanted to be a "gunner para/commando".

not that he had a quota to fill, or targets to meet, or anything :)

it's your life mucker. do what you want to do, not what somebody else says you want to do.

HR&Finance military what? Clerks work where photocopiers and computers are safe from incoming fire - therefore a pretty rubbish job.

Military Engineer Comms? Fcuk that. Comms people work in Headquarters, again, a really rubbish job.

Join as a sparky, or a brickie, or a chippy. You can't move for people needing DIY jobs done in Afghanistan therefore you get to blow sh1t up and run about in the combat zone. Happy days.


How can you swear on this board properly? eg **** **** shit twat bollocks ****** etc etc
Agree with all of the above except you should join The Corps as an Armoured God. If the Dog-humping recruiter doesn't know what it is, show him the Engineer Tank in the brochure and ask him how many VC winners the AG Corps has :twisted:
Join the corps, AG is shite pushing ink around all day!! Be a Planty one of gods own children, he made the earth we shape it.
Recruiters tend to try and recruit into what they know, yes i am one so i know what im talking about here, targets are forced on us but only in so much as "we need 300 recruits etc" not numbers for individual units unless they are Infantry recruiters, they do get shat on.

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