Is he lucky or what

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I think he was taking a dump.
Before of after the fact?

I'm pretty sure he was still taking a dump as he ran away......and probably still is.
Try this. Posted by seanbean on the 'All Videos and pics in here' thread.


Syrian tank is hit by HEAT round. Anyone in tank is killed instantly by spall, HEAT jet fragments, temperature, and massive pressure wave - forces involved are immense.

A few seconds later, the propellant magazine (T-72 uses two piece ammunition,) which is unprotected and encircles the turret in the T-72, begins to burn, after being perforated by numerous white hot fragments.

The propellant goes off - 50 rounds worth of tank shell propellant burning. Tank essentially becomes rocket engine chamber and the hatch is the nozzle, massive jet of flame results. Interior of tank is 2000 degrees F or so due to being massive rocket engine chamber.

> - Syria - Tank "ultrakilled" in Darayya.
Just after the bloke enters the ruins a rifle shot hits the pillar a bit higher than where his head would have been a milisecond earlier. Lucky, lucky bastard.


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the much prized BV probably the only thing we consistantly get right. :)

not sure if they are allowed now with all that heath and safety going about, dangerous having hot liquids in a combat enviroment.
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