Is he back?

LancePrivateJones said:

Let the perversions begin.

Err, it is Aslan we are talking about, isn't it?
Sinner251 said:
As foretold in Revelations
"And there came upon the land of ARRSE, an mighty pervert
And his/ her/ it's names was called Do... nut
(which is to say the Nut who was doughy)
And great was the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the MODs
And the ultra PC bendy god-botherers
"For shame".. they didst cry
F*** off crieth the rest of us"
Hope so, NAAFI bar is fast becoming the Calendar fecking club
Anyone bothered to look at the dates of his posts?

They are all Pre-"Hari-Kare".......... :roll:

He also used to post under "Sausage Meat beard" too....

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