Is he a Walt?

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by kiwidoug, May 29, 2013.

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  1. I've got a wee problem A bloke I sometimes employ as a relieving teacher at my school says he's ex-Army, but some of his stories don't seem right somehow.

    He's Scottish, says he was a Lieutenant in the RLC and he's a big bloke. He says he served in Bosnia and was used a to demonstrate trench-clearing techniques using a 9mm Hi-Power (he also says he was a national level pistol shot).

    I had always thought that grenades/Carl Gustav were better for trench clearing, but I was never a footslogger, so I'm not sure, and it was over 35 years go that I left, so I'm a bit rusty.

    He comes to school on a motorbike, but still wears a pair of well-bulled brown officer shoes.

    I've no doubt he is ex-military, but some of his stories seem a little far-fetched. It's strange but when blokes come down here to NZ for the UK, the 13000 mile distance seems to cause an exaggeration effect.

    I don't want to stick his name on the forum, for persec, but I can message it to anyone who might know him.
  2. A relieving teacher ? Do they have female ones ?
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  3. Brown shoes on a motorbike? You can firebomb his loved ones simply for that. It's the law.
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  4. Nor,he's a mitty.
  5. Would you risk parade quality toecaps on a motorbike?
  6. Is that No, he's a mitty?
    Or he's a mitty?
    and please remember, always one space after a comma.
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  7. Challenge him, if he kills you he's kosher. If he starts crying like a little girl he's not.
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  8. Only if balanced with a dapper cravat in exceptionally gay hues.

  9. You'll have to forgive superjb - He's our token Northerner - and we don't know what he's saying either.
  10. Good idea, except he's built like a brick shithouse and is 20 years younger than me.

    I'm quite fond of my nose and teeth as they are, thank you very much.
  11. Do people still wear cravats?

    My favourite was an old cap-comforter pulled out and tied elegantly around the throat.
  12. You have a wee problem , a course of antibiotics will cure that.

    Is the guy a good teacher? Surely that is the question, if the answer is yes, then as long as he is qualified and all the necessary background checks have been carried out, walt or not, does it make much difference?
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  13. Does it really matter?

    There are a succession of women all over the UK that believe that they've been shagged by (a selection of) a Para about to go to Kosovo (when I was actually on my Class 3 Radio Tech course while that conflict was about to kick off), a soldier who'd pulled his mate out of an RPGed and burning Land Rover in Basra (another lad I was out with was my grateful oppo and took her mate home), an officer in the KRH (she was thick, posh and was only going to be interested if she thought there was a chance of marrying the right sort of soldier) and a variety of other military figures with a much sexier job than pulling broken Clansman out of 43s. Any squaddie who's never told a few embellished war stories to get a shag or impress thick as fuck civvies is either lying or a fool.
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  14. Er,so what's the point of using a comma then? Derrrr.
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