is he a squaddie????

The bloke's a fcuking nutter, being careful not to pee in case a fish swims up his bell end and starts feeding!!!!! :omfg:


Born in the former communist Yugoslavia, Strel became a professional marathon swimmer in 1978. "As a young boy I was beaten a lot by my parents and schoolmasters. This no doubt contributed greatly to my ability to ignore pain and endure," he says on his Web site.

bubbling twat. but i always knew it was good for you :D


A South African adventurer named Mike Horn did it a few years ago, but he used flippers and a half canoe/float thing called a hydrospeed.

Saw the film of it on the A1 channel. Twice he lost flippers and had to trek for a week through the jungle to get replacements, before returning to where he left off, and was almost killed by tribesmen who thought he was a river devil. :thumright:


Fcuking lunatic, good luck to the demented man though!
I could think of nothing worse than a bastard fish swimming up my japs eye and feasting upon my loin!
Reckon pirranah's give a good nosh? :D

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