Is Harry the biological son of Charles?

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Harry looks NOTHING like his brother William, nor his father Charles.

There have been rumours that Harry is the result of a lliason between Diana and one of her bodyguards.

Is this possible?

Has anyone tried to get a smear of his skin, sweat, saliva or semen to do a DNA test?

If it was shown that his biological father was not Charles, would he lose his status of being 2nd in line to the throne of the UK?

Naked Prince Harry pictured cavorting with nude girl in VIP suite during raucous Vegas holiday | Mail Online

Apparently there's a Lancaster Bomber on the moon and it was MI5 who killed Diana.

It's bollocks, having been up close and personal with him. He is IMHO Charles spawn


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If Harry became King, would you salute him?

Of course I fucking would you interminable shit-stain! As a Commissioned Officer, and as a member of the Royal family - let alone if he were to become King, he is entitled to a salute.
If TBTP perceive that Harry is bringing HRH & the Establishment in to disrepute he could yet be 'taken out' on a patrol mission in Helmand.

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