Is groundie opinion tolerated here

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by error_unknown, Nov 27, 2002.

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  1. Not to step on too many toes but i feel that the groundie has alot of input into this forum, It would be nice to be heard in here instead of the door being blocked by alter ego's in the real world.
  2. Well, you've had it here !!  No one takes ANYTHING serious in the aviation section!

  3. Ashpole, you might find that most of us in here are or have been groundies. Even those of us who haven't been have a fair idea of life in a jackson suit!

    say what you like as far as Im concerned, the wider the audience the better.

    ;D :D ;)
  4. i think more ex or still serving groundies should be introduced,no made aware of this site(arrse),to make our voice heard. tooo many times have i visited looking for fellow groundies to be met by our heavenly brothers the sky gods,ranting about how much torque they pulled or how fantastic they are with chicks(not a slagging, ive many a skygod friend) but please more from the ones who get them there!!!
  5. It's not an exclusive club you know! No ones stopping you posting.

    You might find the reason why more 'skygods' tend to post is because when this site first started, it was a natural ro-org point from Pprune, Pro pilots rumour network. It was (and still is) getting to the point of being an exclusive crab whining hole.

    As you will see by the title, it's an Army rumour site and this is the aviation forum. Bowser chap, blanket stacker, bleep, skygod - we all have just as much 5h1te to speak as the next as we are all aviation. Don't feel so insecure!

    BTW I haven't noticed any posts that refer to ranting about how much torque they pulled or how fantastic they are with chicks      

    :) :) :) :) :p

    Percentage wise, there are more flying type topics but these are due to the reason I referred to above (Pprune refugees)
  6. ::) ::)
    lord flasheart i agree what you say about pprune, the military forum is full of whinging crabs. i stopped using it because it got boring.
    As an ex groundie and now a stab aac groundie its good to find another forum to air are views and basically take the piss out of each other without crab interference. ;D
  7. Who do we slag off if no Crabs or fish heads post here....any BATS about
  8. Until any Bats arrive, we'll start with you, ground spike! 8) ;D
  9. Easy Lord Flashy… I have been reading and admiring your posts for a long time and have much admiration for you ability to put a hint of humour into all of your posts with such ease. Whilst meandering through other forums on this site I notice your funny and strait to the point posts and feel that you do the Corps proud with you intelligent approach to Army thinking thus making this Aviation section a focal point for the rest of Her Majesty’s Army to appreciate good intelligent debate with a hint a whit for that I say thank you….but at the end of the day you you might go up diddly up dup but your still gits… Oh and that’s Ex ground spike to you.. :D
  10. Fair cop guv. Or as they say in Ze Farther land, das ist ein shutzenfest polizei, mein fuhrer!

    I appologise, former ground earthing device! ''I'm not worth.........''. If only I could raise my finger to complete sentenc...........
                                  Na, you should have been a BAT!  ;D ;D
  11. lord flasheart, talking about bats and 1 reg, what is the gossip about nigs,pool cue's and the reggy bar
  12. I'd rather not say! If yeh know what I mean. Wait, out. I'm sure the full SP will arrive in time.

    (Between you and me though, not condusive to a full career in the Corps!). Shame.
  13. I did hear there was an investigation going on.
  14. C'mon Flashie ' Give me the info I'm the boss'
  15. Name check and I might! :p

    Don't want journo types getting hold of the blag.