Is Great Britain Punchy?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Harry_Boomers, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. The Question in the bar last night was who has Great Britain not fought in anger?

    I came up with Sweden, but a colleague seems to think we had a tussle with them in the 1700’s

    Then I came up with Jamaica, but apparently the Royal Navy shelled it looking for Bluebeard!

    Help required please? :lol:
  2. Chad?
  3. Portugal is our oldest allie. Could it be them ?

    Regards LT.
  4. Try Lichtenstien as no body could find it to fight it
  5. Is Great Britain Punchy?
    Well hello there! Is the Pope a Catholic?
  6. We must have had a scrap with Portugal. Or at least given a few Men O War a broadside?
  7. ... Singapore!
  8. But we must have had to crack a few heads there to have had such a presence!
  9. Apparently not. The relationship has been a bit exploitative on our part at times though.

    Apart from that small matter of the "Malvinas" 8O we didn't have a great deal to do with South America, and if there must be a few obscure 'stans we haven't yet had a ding-dong with
  10. Andorra, Vatican City, Leichtenstein, Upper Volta, Tasmania, Turks and Cacos Islands, Virgin Islands, Antarctica, Arctic, cant think of any smaller countries. Realistically if you take the size of the old empire (about 2/3 of the world), plus colonies like the USA which we gave a good slapping to a long time ago and left them to create their own genocide, that only leaves Chine (which the gunboats sorted out), Outer Mongolia and Tibet, plus a few tiny principalities
  11. It used to be the case that any foreign ship that did not dip its colurs in the presence of a Royal Navy Man o' War could be fired upon, so it's a fair bet that we've shot at virtually every f*cker. And a good thing too, can't have these bloody foreigners getting uppity. Mind you I don't imagine that HMS Rowboat tries to enforce that particular rule of the sea anymore, but then again who's going to see it in the drydock with the rest of HM flotilla?

    My personal favourite enemy is the French, and I fully concur with Wellington:

    "The English have been, are, and always will be detested in France". It would be churlish not to give them a kicking, really.

    And before some snotty francophile makes a comment about the Rugby result, let's see the fromage sanges try it with fire support and fixed bayonets.
  12. We invaded Tibet in 1904 before the Russians got there.

    If you take all the colonies we would also have threatened their neighbours a few times as well.
  13. Quite a lot of wars were caused by popes demands that britain go back to being catholic so i guess we can cross the vatican off the list
  14. Stand off regarding fishing rights in the '70s. Don't think they exchaged fire though. Oh, and occupied duing the war after Denmark was invaded to safeguard the convoy routes and provide air cover for the convoys.