Is Great Britain close to being ungovernable?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lsquared, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. The last Conservative government was, towards the end, very poor indeed and was riven with sleaze. When Mrs. Thatcher was toppled, love her or loathe her, the lights went out in the Tory Party.
    The current government, elected in the aftermath of Tory unpopularity, promised much and frankly has not really delivered.
    It is my opinion that Mr. Blair made a great mistake on day one by inviting us all to ' me Tony'. I do not want to call the Prime Minister of this, or any, country by his Christian name, any more than I want to call my RSM 'John' or my CO 'Bob'. I simply cannot see what is wrong with 'Sir' or 'Mr. Jones'.
    The state of the nation now is poor, verging on the dreadful. Barely anything works properly. Parts that do, such as the 'City of London' and its components, are being strangled by ever greater 'red-tape', 'regulations' and diktats emanating from Europe. It is unsurprising that some giant companies are considering leaving the country to establish themselves elsewhere.
    Crime is now so rampant that I fear that police forces around the nation are slowly being overpowered. The sea of legislation that seemingly is never ending, and its accompanying 'paper-work' and the chasing of 'targets', simply enhance the chances of the 'bad-guy' getting away scot-free without charge or of being acquitted through some obscure and obtuse legal loop-hole. The ludicrous situation whereby drug-addicts in jail are paid compensation for having hard drugs withheld from is disgraceful. Not, I repeat not, a joking matter but why therefore cannot a paedophile seek financial compensation for being locked away from children?
    Our National Health Service is close to terminal destruction.
    Tens of thousands of young people leave school unable to read or write or do simple mathematics. Not I venture to suggest the fault in general of our teachers, but rather the constant interference from government in the running of schools; the adherence to so-called 'political correctness'; and above all the abdication of parental responsibility.
    The levels of personal debt are now so high that it is not without possibilty that they might trigger serious financial problems at national level.
    Tax. As individuals we are now taxed more heavily than ever before. Businesses are taxed to breaking point, thus inhibiting expension.
    Trust in our politicians is practically at zero. (Not a political point but who says they trust and believe the government?).
    The levels of Government are suffocating. Why do I, living in London, have to have:
    Borough Council (very good as it happens);
    an MP (equally good but what is she for? Parliament is now a busted flush and an expensive one).
    A Mayor of London - please can someone explain why and what for?
    A Central Government - Parliament, but see above!
    An MEP - who is this person and what does he or she do?
    A Council of Ministers;
    European Commissioners - unelected and unaccountable.
    A Regional Assembly. I have asked many, many people about this and nobody knows what it is, where it is and what it does.
    An 'Arc de Manche'. This is a super region apparently.
    The supine unthinking adherence and adoption of every half-baked crack-pot idea issuing from Brussels makes us all less efficient, less competetive and most importantly less free daily.
    Unless, we put Europe back into its 'trading only' box; repeal the Human Rights Act and all legislation emanting from Europe; rekindle family values; reduce government in all respects; empower and enhance our police forces, I truly believe we are heading towards a state of anarchy.
    I have tried to write this rant in an apolitical way because my point is the 'ungovernability' of the nation not the political party attempting this soon to be impossible task.
  2. Just needs a suitable dictator. :)
  3. I think the title you have chosen does not match your text.

    There are issues out there that will bring the electorate out onto the streets but they are few and far between (the Fuel Tax strike and the Poll Tax Riots are recent examples). But that doesn't make Britain ungovernable.

    IMHO, Great Britain will carry on as it has done for hundreds of years, making the best of a poor hand. Most of the current problems lie with the poor quality of political leadership which has haunted the country ever since politicians turned professional.

    Personally, I think a few more mass demonstrations against such things as ID cards and the levels of council tax are well overdue!

  4. SOMALIA is ungovernable.


    IRAQ is ungovernable.

    You live in a first-world democracy. Get a grip and stop ranting.
  5. IMHO, this country is over-governed instead of ungovernable.

    The "great" British public are, in the main, decent law-abiding people. They do not need the overwhelming mass of bureacracy that we are currently being saddled with but I think Yellow-Devil is right to say that you can't possible compare the state of the UK with the Congo or Somalia.
  6. Okay so the title may not be the best, but much of what he says is true.
  7. Another tiresome 'things were much better in the good old days' rant. I live in Islington (actually the other side of the road is Islington, my side is Hackney but I say Izz :wink: 0). There are some pretty rough areas in Islington but overall it's one of the most expensive boroughs in London, a 2-bed flat will set you back £300-350k, Upper Street is packed with trendy restraunts and boutiques, loads of celebs and politicos live there (including Boris Johnson). This is what it was like a century ago:

    Personally I think things have improved a bot since then :)
  8. I do belive that Every few years the country needs a class 1 barstard in charge to sort things out and make all the unpopluar choices.

    Maggie was the last one, now we've had nearly 20 years of politicains trying to be popular, hopefully another class 1 barstard will come along and do some sorting out shortly.
  9. Since when was crime rampant? Seriously?

    If you take even the most conservative figures, hell, even if you take *the* Conservative's figures it's down overall at least 7% in 10 years.

    Jesus. The hysteria of some people is what's more shameful than the state of the nation.
  10. Freedom of speech is being eroded. We cannot make our view known, certainly until Arrse came along.
    The white anglo-saxon briton is now the minority and those coming into this country, whether by fair means or foul, have more rights, more access to the welfare system, pay less of the huge number of taxes levied on us, and have a far better quality of life.
    Will the last true brit leaving the country, please turn the light off, so I cannot see the mess thats left.

    for queen and country
  11. Yes, but I think his point is that he has more democracy than he knows what to do with.

    With so many layers of government which one can you decide you disagree with and "vote them out".

    Also - some of the layers are not directly accountable to an electorate.
  12. I have a top tip for all those depressed souls out there. Move to Scotland. Proper socialist parliament, that is everyone gets the benefits instead of just the people who don't pay tax. Free tuition fees, free health care when you get old. 20% more per head spent on education. Traffic free roads, beaches uncrowded, restaurants uncrowded, Edinburgh for New Year. OK, they have Dougie Donnelly and you need Sky for the footie and you might get beaten up for having an English accent but hey, worth a risk and its all paid for by the English tax payer.
  13. It all depends, of course, on where you live. The nice little rural villages have, in general, low and getting lower crime figures. Large sink estates on the other hand are mostly ungovernable.
  14. Well, we will be able to see exactly where crime is rampant soon. 5 Live was reporting that crime stats will be assimilated and reported for each area.

    Incidentally, my town - whilst being rural - has a very low level of crime. But it IS a town, with a sink estate, asian community and three seperate travellers camps - not to mention a population of over 11.000 which are older than 15.

    Kind of ruins the idea of built up areas having greater crime rates