Is GPS All in Our Heads?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bushmills, Feb 4, 2012.

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  1. No thoughts about it yourself then?
  2. read somewhere that men are generally better at map reading and sense of direction (this obviously excludes officers) than women, something to do with us out hunting mammoths far from the cave and such.
  3. Not really, bit late here and I've had a beer or few.

    Thought some people on this site might be interested or could use it as a feed for 2/Lt jokes though.

    I reckon you do build a mental map of places though, based upon the number of times I ignore what my GPS tells me what to do but still get to my destination ok.

    What do you think, as I should imagine in your game, you could not afford to get lost in a mined area. :=)
  4. Oddly, if I drive or walk anywhere I can still find my way there again even years later. But if I am a passenger in a car I have to try real hard to memorise a route.
  5. I normally only have to go somewhere once, normally because I am not invited back. But when I am I have no problems getting there.
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  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Me too even places I am adamant I havent been to before and when driving up to the gates the light bulb comes on!
    I managed a similar human sat nav once to get to 4 wentways from Foxton level crossing. never been to the hotel before yet the daft buggers all followed me and we drove straight there no wrong turns!
    I did a little commercial driving for a while and sat navs ruined my sense of direction!
  7. Lets face it it not exactly hard to navigate in the UK, drive to far in any direction and you will hit the sea, when you do, turn round.
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  8. I didn't realise humans had maps in the Mesolithic period. Cheers for the edjamucation.
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  9. I had a great sense of direction, however the older I get the more I seem to loose. Know what you mean about satnav ruining sense of direction but I think it is we plan in our heads shortest route between A and B. Satnav goes by the roads quickest route, sometimes with plesent surprises. (assuming your not driving a 40 ton truck)!
  10. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    I'm just glad that a certain ex-moderator isn't so active on the boards any more lest he tells the tale of me setting out to find the train station I'd arrived at the previous night. Despite it being five minutes from the hotel I'd slept in, I still ended up walking twelve miles (Kilsyth to Falkirk) in the vain hope that it'd be "around the next corner"

    In built GPS is clearly nonsense.
  11. You are obviously part female or officer or shock horror!! BOTH
  12. A few years ago after using my TomTom for about 6 months I had the shock of my life, my boss phoned me and asked where I was, I knew I was on a Motorway and my satnav said I was about an hour away from destination, but other than that I did not have a clue... Since then I force myself to keep some sort of location awareness whilst driving..
  13. If not knowing where you were on a motorway was the shock of your life you must have a right exciting life.
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  14. I have never used Sat Nav. Well I say never but I tried one for a few days and then took in back to Tesco as being unreliable and distracting. How come we [that is to say, some of us] managed for donkey's years without these and now all of a sudden they are necessary? Maps, distance and simple direction seem to do the trick for me.

    How, I don't know for certain, it just seems to work for me. I normally sleep on a North/South line with my feet pointing North so maybe I've become some sort of Compass or gyroscope! [Ironic comment - doesn't require lengthy discussion , ok] I'm perfectly aware that the sun rises in the East, Sets in the West and that shadows point north at noon. Local TV arials tend to point South East. I know which main roads run North-South or East-West and so on and so forth, so where is the confusion? Can't everyone just point in the general direction of a place or town from where they are? As I sit here, Kent is forward of me, Southend is over my left shoulder, carry a straight line from here through my bathroom and it leads to Chatham. The nearest postbox is in the 1 o'clock direction, carry that on and it leads to Tesco, etc, etc, etc...

    Then again maybe it's something inherent in a person. Yonks ago I was a diver and always had a scence of distance and direction whatever the visability, and would return to a point or shotline without trouble.