Is government inaction deliberate?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spoomo, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. This was inspired by a comment I read by a consipracy theorist of all people - that the UK government is not acting on any of the major problems blighting the UK like crime as the foremost example on account of the fact it wants the UK to essentially tear itself apart to detract attention from and smooth the road for the 'savior' of the EU's overall rule.

    Now all things considered I think thats a little far fetched, but at some point we've got to ask the question of just why there is this outrageous lacking of overt, decisive and direct action by the government?

    Can it really be down to being incompetant or are they manipulating something with all this?

    *puts on tin foil hat*

    Edited because I'm a mong who can't write proper
  2. C0ck up not Conspiricy.

    The motto of most British Governments since 1945
  3. Gash theory.

    If it's tinfoil time, allowing society to descend towards anarchy, to enable even more draconian laws to be introduced.
  4. They are far too incompetant to organise it
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

  6. Snap.
  7. Agreed. As bad as they I don't think even the Liarbour Party would do such a thing, they are all too keen to hang on to their seats. The many problems we face today are simply due to the sheer ineptitude of those who govern us (compounded of course by fundamentaly flawed policy decisions).

    It does pre-date the current administration, i.e. the Tories made their share of fcuk ups, but we now face incompetence on an unprecedented scale....
  8. Question - we dont hear much about gun/knife crime in Wales/Scotland so is it just England thats having a 'problem' or is it nationwide??

    Just wondered as most of the politicos 'running' the Country and making decisions relied on our Welsh n Scottish cousins for their power base....
  9. Good point but I think the big cities are all pretty much the same aren't they....?

    e.g. I think Glasgow is just about the worst place in the country for knife crime....
  10. Even those who fully subscribe to the Conspiracy Theory of history eventually come to realise that all Governments have big ideas but are incapable of carrying them through. The stupidity, selfishness and indolence of Politicians and Bureacrats will lay waste even the best laid plans.

    There is only one conclusion possible: the world about is the direct result of an endless and ongoing series of C0cked Up Conspiracies.
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    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    A conspiracy of incompetence then? By doing nothing other than 'playing' with the system, and making coppers fill out more and more forms for the benefit of labour communists who actually (and historically) hate the police (usually because many of them have been arrested on marches and protests or for smoking pot).

    "Yeah, facking fuzz, I 'ate 'em, an now I'm in the hot seat, I want them to write down their justifications for doing stuff, in triplicate so that I can get my own back, yeah, power to the people!"

    Net result: 11 year old kids shot in the head, not enough coppers on the streets and ample justification for bringing in more laws to control an errant capitalist population and bring about the nightmare '1984' scenario.

    A conspiracy by default.
  12. On a lesser scale, it was once suggested that traffic lights in London were timed to cause congestion.
    When the congestion charge was introduced the lights were "corrected".
    Voila, the charge worked! ????
  13. You mean its all so that we will be beginning for ID cards and 90 days in clink without charge?
    Sadly I have no doubt at all you are right.....
  14. Slightly off thread but I did start to wonder if Bliars total incompetence and lack of any action at all in the final 6 months of his reign was actually to make Broon look better when he took over and did a few things other than grin and tell us he acted in good faith.
    The bounce in Labours opinion poll ratings after he F'ed off seemed to be nothing but 'thank fcuk its not that grinning muppet in charge!'
  15. New labour is built on a contradiction. The local activists who the party rely on at elections are full-on PC lefties (at least in the south). On the other hand the voters aren't.


    Standard PC opinion is that prisons are bad and crime is caused by capitalism and the police.

    Standard PC opinion is that immigration control is racist.

    Standard PC opinion is that the USA is the great satan.

    There are a lot more but those are the critical things currently. They can't win elections without the help of the activists so they have to keep them sweet. The new labour leadership has to juggle between those people and the voters.

    The famous "tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime" is a perfect example of Bliar talking to both sets of people at once. Although in reality it is just hot air as they can't make both groups happy at once so they just bullsh*t. As things keep getting worse all they can do is lie more.

    There's a good bit in a piece about the BBC admitting it's biased

    It makes the point that a lot of modern lefty-ism is built up from a collection of single-issues rather than a coherent philosophy like socialism or communism. A collection of people who've come together from a lot of single-issue campaigns like CND, anti-apartheid etc. That fits my experience too.

    The BBC is dominated by the same kind of people so they are basically in perfect alignment with new labour (except on the US alliance). This means we have effectively got a state broadcasting service (C4 adds to this too generally speaking).

    The unions used to tone this side of lefty politics down and stress the more socialist bits. After they lost a lot of their power it left the field open to the new age commie types.

    The other part of the problem imo is they are still latent commie and desire centralized control. Again, they want to pretend to be different but can't help themselves. That's what all the targets do in the public services. They make all the public services centrally controlled but in the stupidest possible way.

    The real new labour is the party that elected michael foot as leader. Bliar's lot are and have always been a sham. They've got away with it because of media help and spending lots of money through higher taxes. They're running out of room to raise more money and eventually it will all go t*ts up in a big way.