Is Gordon Brown fit to govern?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Sep 8, 2006.

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  1. Gordon Brown

  2. Charles Clarke

  3. Two Jags

  4. Jack Straw

  5. John Reid

  1. What do the great Arrse public think. ????

    Now you dont have to be a Labour Party supporter to answer or cast your vote.
  2. I vote Prezza, as the surefire quickest way to a Tory landslide
  3. Brown is a ball less tw*t of the first order, he's made a duff move for every good one - remember when he told the press that he was going to sell half of our Gold reserve thus depressing prices meaning that WE lost around 750 million. He signed off on the Dome and all the IT Fcuk ups and don't get me started on what he's done for the Army. If he had a pair he would have done for Bliar years ago.
  4. You dont give much option. I really should go for 2 Jags because I hate new Labour and he would do them justice.......... what a laugh if he got the job. No way on earth would Labour beat the LibDem in the next election.

    Probably Jack Straw because he has a comitment to what he believes in or John Reid because having met him seems quite genuine for a Polictical tawt.
  5. Good idea Londonirish

    John Reid is the person for me he's sensibile, well as much as any poitician can be so won't balls up anything too major and he won't tax the granny out of us before the Conservatives regain power.
  6. I was going to put Mandleson but thought nahhhh, he's just an Arrse licker to the high ups!
  7. Gordon Brown because I've met him a couple of times and he seems to be a genuinely likeable chap. John Reid because he's us-friendly.

    Two Jags for simple comedy value.

    How about this - TCB abdicates in favour of TCB2 (Brown) who then calls a snap, instant general election.

    Many more years in the opposition wilderness and the failure of the New Labour experiment.
  8. I voted Charles Clarke because there aren't enough wingnuts in public life and his reputation of eating two pizzas in one sitting.
  9. Ha! Just looooves the Military, can see it now. Of course CDS I will increase the AF Budget 100 fold.
  10. 'Strangley' Brown is the architypical grey man, the percentage player just waiting for the other guy to drop the ball, reactive not proactive. He also has that annoying habit of having to suck in a run-away lower lip LHS as you look at him which gives him the look of someone feeling superior.

    John Reid's early credentials may have positioned him close to Trotsky but I think he has gone through a major transformation in recent times. It was a shame we didn't get to see more of him at Defence. What little there was was good. Still after TCH my itchy haemeroids had more public credibility.
  11. The next election could be like 1992 - one that it was best to lose. Sooner are later the wheels are going to fall of the economy due to Cyclops' incompetence over the past 9 years. If that happens under a Tory government's watch they will be labelled as economically incompetent for years, regardless of the fact that the causes are down to the current shower.

    Anyone wanting a Tory govenment needs to hope Liar-Bore will the next election narrowly with a minority government in England. They will then fall aprt big time and be unelectable for a generation.

    Also note that Bliar said he would be standing down a Liar-Bore leader next year. He made no mention of standing down as Prime Minister.
  12. Does anyone one else think that Gordon Brown could do with a good wash? Every time I see the guy on t.v, he's unshaven and his hair is greasier than a very greasy thing, (Army Chef?) Plus he's had the same hair-style since 1956. Needs to sort his image out.

    *Edited for lack of wit!
  13. blimmin good point, hadn't thought of that, be just like him, trained lawyer etc to say "no that's not what I said, what I said was"
  14. What a deeply uninspiring selection of choices!

    Personally I don't think a Scottish MP, representing a Scottish constituency, should be PM now, as he will be trying to impose laws on England which he cannot impose on his own constituents.
  15. no he hasn't, he was quite "with it " in Deep Purple's heyday