Is Gorden Brown hiding

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tropper66, Jan 27, 2010.

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  1. Is our Illustrioue leader hiding in Northern Ireland, as it seems his deputy, Harlot Harperson is having a rather difficult time in todays PMQs, what with the Iraq inquiry, dodgy bome detectors,the banks, the "end" of recestion why is he still hanging about in Belfast
  2. It comes to something when a British Premier feels safer in Belfast than Westminster...
  3. Bad form, tropper: you posed a pertinent question..........and then answered it in the opening post.

    Very bad form.
  4. TUT TUT.
    All of the above and then some.
  5. Leave him be - PMQ was much more entertaining today with hapless Harriett sparring with William Hague. She seemed to be very unprepared for her moment in the spotlight, but I have to admit to laughing along with her when she made a complete f*ck up of a response to a Liberal MP asking a question about succession to the throne.
    She also used her latest buzz phrase of blaming everything on what happened in the 80's when funny enough, another party was in power.
    Strangely compelling in my opinion. Gordon should stay abroad until the General Election and then we can wave him goodbye forever (hopefully).
  6. Every Wednesday. I now put my lunch date back untill 2pm so I can catch PMQs as it is by far the funniest thing on TV
  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Prime Minister's Questions.

    Should be re-named PM's Non-Answers as I can't recall a time when an answer has been actually given, with the obvious exception of the 'planted' questions from members of their own Party.

    Agree with Tropper however, they can be very entertaining.
  8. 'She seemed to be very unprepared for her moment in the spotlight,' probably still smarting from her session on GMTV this morning when John Stapleton asked her why, after 13 years of Harperson's best efforts, women are no closer to equality. It made up in a small way for the pathetically sycophantic interview he had with Baroness Scotland last week, letting her run rings round him.

    Stand by for the Downing Street spin machine talking up our 'brave PM' spending a couple of nights in the 'danger zone' of Belfast.
  9. You bloody fools! 8O Gordon is out of the country and, more importantly London. This clears the way for Operation: Norsefire!

    In a couple of hours the Dirty Bombs will go off, contaminating London and killing most of Gordon's enemies. He will then return to the mainland and set up a new government at a safe distance from the glow-in-the-dark remains of London. Probably Edinburgh.

    He will, reluctantly of course, accept the position of Archchancellor For Life, invoke Martial Law and suspend the democratic process "for the duration of the National Emergancy". :twisted:

    You heard it here first, my brothers! :D :wink:
  10. Fear not. He's just left Hillsborough, he'll be home soon,
  11. Real cowardice from the man who ghost writes books about courage, talk about Lack of Moral Fiber being shown by our PM.

    Returning to London to be in the view of the world's press at the farcical conference he called on Afghanistan.
  12. I hear that he has joined the UOTC in order to help them spend all that money that they have left in the budget before they get closed down...
  13. I thought he was supposed to be chairing a world summit on ridding us of Afghan/Yemani/Somalian terrorists. He probably wanted to avoid chairing a meeting which starts with so many "apologies from ......"

    And by the way, the talks in Belfast have just failed. Gordon - the man with the Mid-arse touch. Direct rule again by Friday anyone?
  14. Quick - someone must have a SAM somewhere
  15. I hope not, it'd be another notch on Labour's bedpost of ruining what little left this country has.