Is going to the Paras straight from AFC Harrogate wise ??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by SneakyTeen, Nov 22, 2008.

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  1. Would it be a good decision going to the Paras straight from AFC Harrogate because i may not be fit enough, at 16 years of age to complete P coy or should i go to the rifles for a couple of years first and then transfer into the paras ?? :? (presuming i can get into either, before anyone take a pop at me)

    Thanks for all the help people :D
  2. What you mean "go for the rifles for a couple of years....."
  3. i think he means go to the rifles regiment for a few years, then after a few years time, apply for paras and Do P-company and the Parachute course in brize norton and become a para :D

    its the same as what i wanna do
  4. If you think you have what it takes then go for para's
    Remember your only as good as you make yourself, if you put enough effort into your PT you'll be good enough for the para's but don't forget the training is incredibly hard, rifles is almost as hard as para's. have a real good think about what you wanna do, research the regimental history's ect and work out what you would rather serve as....
  5. i'll be attempting p coy at 16 years of age, but i've knowin what i've wanted to do for the past year so i bought a multi gym a set of dumbbells and started building my self up with some great results over the past year not forgetting my almost daily 2 mile run.
  6. To become a Para you need to be being strong in body, also strong in mind.
    Using your head and having the right mental attitude, then you will obtain ABI.
  7. A serving para did say P.coy is more mental than physical, put it this way if you want it you'll achieve it.
  8. Not fit enough at 16? get a grip. I'm 36 still in the paras and could still pass p coy. As for going to the Rifles, no disrespsect to them but I know a couple of lads who have joined the reg that way and no one lets them forget where they came from
  9. You wanna be doing more than 2 miles a day. Think about it one of the P Coy events is 20 miles. You need some stamina fitness get out there for longer mate
  10. That's some sound advice cheers mate, if i get time i'll definetley up the amount of time i spend on running but aye cheers for the input mate.