Is Geordie Blerk the shooter?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sebcoe, Jul 4, 2010.

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  1. We havent heard from Geordie Blerk for a while, I recon he's the Shooter:

    The Evidence:

    Thick fcuker who likes to beat women banged up for a while, gets out, shoots the new boy friend (coz he statisfys GB ex far better than GB did)

    Thick enough to shoot a policeman.

    Hopefully wont get quizzed by police when they catch him, espeshully the spelling test....LOL

    Could someone add the news link......cheers
  2. He was killed in Afghan 6 weeks ago. Guess you're not so funny now.
  3. He wasn't fucking funny in the first place!
  4. Well llech, this wouldnt have happened in they saw the wrong end off their shotguns...... :lol:
  5. That was a very erudite and thought provoking post.

    Now, do you want to eat my backside out with a ladle or a soup spoon?
  6. Say Again over....
  7. Hmm, Geordie Blerk - Rapier-like acerbic wit, tagged for services to moderation, no nonsense, say it like it is. A soldier's sort of bloke, yep remember him well, wonder where he is now, miss his posts.

    Sebcoe - ah, erm, ooh, give up. Who's he then?
  8. Sebcoe is a cunt.

    I would dearly love to caress his face with a belt sander before mounting his waife like bottom to deliver the ultimum in male humiliation - anal rape.

    Seb, PM me with your outrage.
  9. Is anyone else seeing the Bach emotional eating kit advert?

    How did they get that from Nato's excellent post? :D
  10. Hello Goerdie, I was sad to hear of your passing. Glad you got better though.
  11. So, for the rest of us - who is dead and has GB actually died twice then?
  12. .... and just as a point of order, when anyone from the North East dies, is it going to be GB every time? I have a feeling that the NE provides more than one tom for Telic
  13. Thanks.

    The initial dying part stung a wee bit but got a lot better the longer it went on for.

    Which brings me neatly back to anal rape.
  14. Too distracted pondering the Englishmens magic of electricity! :lol: