Is Geoff Boycott Really This Big a T0sser?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by maxixe_97, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. And still the world's greatest opening batsman ( and Greatest living Yorkshireman)
  2. I thought that was both departments!!
  3. Amen to that brother :D

    If you needed someone to bat for 2 days to save a game - Boycott was the man 8)

  4. No arguments from me about Geoffrey's cricketing ability, but having read the article, he is a hypocrite!
  5. Are you trying to be humourous? As a batsman he was tedious and boring, yes he could put runs on the board, but to the detriment of the team - Ian Botham famously had him run out so that England could have a chance of winning a game.

    There have been way better openers out there, Gooch, Atherton, Stewart (A), Len Hutton, Matthew Hayden to name only a few from just England and Australia.

    Boycott is probably also the reason that Yorkshiremen are painted in such a bad light.
  6. No perfectly serious. As an opening batsman his technique and application were textbook perfect. He also played the way an opener is supposed to- he ever gave his wicket away cheaply. He was a player with limited natural ability, but though practice and incredible discipline became one of the best players of his generation. As for Gooch, Atherton and Stewart who did they turn to for a coach when they lost their form- Boycott. Sure he may be conceited, arrogant and at times a hypocrite, but give him a bat and he was second to none. It's also worth remebering that he not only played for England following his mother's death, he scored a hundred, that surely count as not only playing under stress but delivering the goods.
  7. I would be happy to add 'tosser' to my names if I could bat one hundredth as well as Mr. Boycott. I also wish I could 'talk about the game' as he does on the wireless. I am a big fan.

    Too busy doing Her Majesty's bidding to have seen the great man in action, but I am a fan.

    PS. I am Welsh, so I have no parochial axes to grind. Keep at it Mr. Boycott.
  8. He was second, third and fourth to a lot of people.

    Do you follow cricket much? or are you just spouting shite from other people. The cnut was his own biggest fan.

    As a batsman i rate him average at International level. I appreciate that is still quite high, but nowhere near as good as many others out there.
  9. No dingerr up to a few years ago I used to be a cricket fanatic. Unfortuantely the shiite I am spouting is my own shiite,but I am unrepentant in my defence of Boycs. Growing up in the 70's Boycott was the man. Ask many people to choose a batsman from any era to see off the opening bowlers of the opposition and the new ball and Boycott would surely be near the top of any list. As an opening batsman his tactics would undoubtedly be considered extremely dull in the modern game ( he could literally bore the opposition into defeat in his time), but that was his role- to preserve his wicket and accumalate runs by attrition- which his stats will out.
    Test matches played 108 Runs scored 8114 at an average of 47.72.

    compared to
    Michael Atherton
    Test Matches 115 Runs scored 7728 at an average of 37.69 or

    Test Matches 118 average 42.58

    So while Boycs was not exactly a swashbuckling run scorer like Goochie his average would give credence that he would be more consistant. But then again I could just be spouting biased Boycott shiite. Maybe my view is coloured by sentiment but I'd rather have Boycott batting for my life than a fcuking Australian.
  10. A hundred 100s at test level....speaks for itself,great cricketer.
    And he could turn his arm to spin it required :wink:
  11. My favourite:
    "Geoffrey is the only fellow I've met who fell in love with himself at a young age and has remained faithful ever since." - Dennis Lillee (in jest) on Geoff Boycott
  12. Dodger - not quite. He got 100 tons at First Class level. There is a clue, he got 8114 test runs and 100 x 100 is 10000. :wink: