Is General McChrystal a Para?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by foxs_marine, Feb 24, 2011.

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  1. Today I was perusing Mark Urban's book about SF in Iraq when I saw in the photos a pic of said US General in no. 1 dress. On his right breast, above the pocket but below the lapel, appeared to be a set of British Para wings. Does anyone know how or when he got them?
  2. E-Bay perhaps????
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  3. Might be Texcel Dutch pay as you jump walt wings?
  4. He certainly has a set, don't know if they are British though.
  5. Definitely not the US Army version (which he appears to have in the correct position on left pocket). It's in the right place for a 'foreign' badge...

  6. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    I don't think they are Brit wings, prob did some time at SHAPE so more likely Belgium or Dutch wings.
  7. They do look like British or Commonwealth wings to me.

    Dutch and Belgian ones look very different, according to the website I looked at.


  8. "Personnel may not wear foreign badges that are awarded only as cloth badges."

    Ok, so either no one wanted to mention it to him, he is a General after all, or they're not cloth so they're not ours.
  9. I must be bored researching this! Appears he has earned French, German and British Para wings. Must swap between them as Telegraph reports he was wearing French ones. Entirely different shape...

    Gen. David Petraeus and his medals - Telegraph

    in which it also reports

    Gen Petraeus has at least 13 other medals and badges including the British Parachutist’ Badge unseen in this particular photograph.
  10. His Wiki entry (yeah I know its not gospel) shows British Para wings on his awards, decorations and badges. Maybe he did a UK exercise in his time at 82nd and did Brit wings qualifying jumps.
  11. Apparently they routinely get metal copies made.
  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I thought he had donme an exchange with the British Parachute Regiment
    He done his jumps ad was awarded his wings (as I assume the Paras do when they go to Bragg)

    I'm sure I read somewhere that he had talked about drinking and playing rugby whilst on exchange with our lot

    I woukld assume that 20 years plus service he would have ran across them at some point
  13. But Petraeus and McChrystal are two completely different US 4* Generals?
  14. Fcuk - that'll teach me doing research late at night and blindly trusting what I'd searched for was what was coming up in Google! So, Petraeus displays French para wings (though he has British and German ones too) while McChrystal wears what I suspect are British para wings, which he is entitled to.
  15. Aye,but did he do the Naked Roll Mat Fighting Course?